Watchs SALE All about watches How to fit a new quartz watch movement. Watch repair techniques. ETA 251.262 chronograph

How to fit a new quartz watch movement. Watch repair techniques. ETA 251.262 chronograph

In this video I am showing how I changed a faulty quartz chronograph movement in a Maurice Lacroix watch.

This watch uses the ETA 251.262 movement which you will typically find in high grade quartz chronograph watches. For example: Tag Heuer, Breitling Colt. and in this case, Maurice Lacroix

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46 thoughts on “How to fit a new quartz watch movement. Watch repair techniques. ETA 251.262 chronograph”

  1. awb awb says:

    Wouldnt it be OK to install the original wheel bridge which has the logo too?

  2. Raza says:

    how come you didn't transfer over that little customized plate on the back? in the original had the manufacturers name printed on it.

  3. fossfix says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for all your videos, fantastic easy to follow very well done,

  4. Alan H says:

    Great video, as usual. Thanks for doing these. I noticed that you used metal tweezers to pick up the battery, with the arms touching both sides of the battery. Doesn’t this short the battery, if only momentarily?

  5. Çok teşekkür ederim Mark harika video

  6. thezaps back says:

    Hi Mark, i would like to ask why did you prefer replacing the movement instead of repairing? Isn't it worth to do so or is it unrepairable? and if you had to pick the Seiko 7ax8 or this movement in terms of quality, which one would you choose? Thank you.

  7. don pepe Vb says:

    Can anyone please help me . I bought this seiko watch and it stops working when the crown is pushed all way in . If I pull stem out just a bit with my finger nail it will start working .

  8. That is the right video for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You notice a lot its virtually onerous to argue with you (not that I actually would wantHaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, simply great!

  9. syd bell says:

    Good video as usual,but what is " wiv "

  10. Harpo Marx says:

    The alignment of that seconds sub-dial hand is UNSAT. It's half a second to the right of the chapter mark. That's sloppy.

  11. Fireship1 says:

    Your voice is very soothing. Reminds me of the artist bob Ross that used to paint on tv. I've learned a lot watching your videos. Thanks for posting them.

  12. Dmeister406 says:

    This is why I am not a fan of quartz/battery movements. Effectively the whole watch, sans dial, case and hands is replaced if something goes wrong.

  13. Bluday says:

    Renata still your battery of choice, not Energizer? I've heard Renata leak more often than Energizer. My only knock on Energizer is combining of sizes so fitment is occasionally challenging.

  14. I loved that little trick of the trade technique to remove the hands.

  15. Tater Sack says:

    Very patient good work

  16. Great video. Thanks so much! The ETA 251.262 quartz movement is really nice. I've been a manual wind and automatic person for life…but just bought a Victorinox Titanium 241261 Chronograph. Looks similar to an Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch, which I also own.

    I would say that the case and bracelet quality are about the same. The 251.262 movement is truly a well-made, quality, precision instrument. Very accurate and precise. The chronograph has many more functions than the Omega…including split time.

  17. Dragon Ma says:

    How do you know it's exactly midnight when the date moves over? Might seem a daft question but I've seen watches with the date not fully gone over until past midnight. Similar to the date starting to move before midnight.

  18. "lovett", this video taught me how to remove the winder . first result. Now if you could only share if the hands need to be at 12 o'clock to " unlock" and be removed : and how exactly you did break the hands or axles while removing them hands..

  19. "lovett", this video taught me how to remove the winder . first result. Now if you could only share if the hands need to be at 12 o'clock to " unlock" and be removed : and how exactly you did break the hands or axles while removing them hands..

  20. douro20 says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if some Hamilton quartz chronographs used this movement…I've seen some very high end ETA quartz movements in their watches.

    It's quite sad to see a watch this expensive with a plastic movement ring…

  21. 12000peak says:

    I really need your HELP!!!..Hope you will reply me with an answer…I have a men CITIZEN 21 JEWELS CALIBER 8203A AUTOMATIC MOVEMENT  STAINLESS STEEL BACK CASE, SERIAL NO. 740245 diver watch which was working til one day its stop  after maybe an hour its works again and stop again so I hand wind about 40 times and the second moves but when I hand shake it  the hour hand spins freely  I don't know what happen. Any advice? Do you think something is wrong with the movement. also can you tell me what other MIYOTA movement will fit this watch and do they still make the 8203A movement anymore? Thank you!!

  22. lhassall77 says:

    Would be useful to see a full strip down and rebuild of one of these now that ETA will soon stop supplying movements/parts.

    Like most ETAs the hands get sticky from lack of use and dried up oil. In those cases a splash of oil on the jewels/pivots usually frees them up without disassembly.

  23. Hello. I just started sep of 2014 as a watch tec. I need some help. I was going to put a new battery into a esq, i think was the name but it didn't have an opening in the back of the watch but it did have screws in the front. I did start to open it the crystal came off with the bezel but i got scared and put it back together. Can you please show me how to do it right.. i still dont know how to do the squeeze crystal to open the watch too.

  24. John Linder says:

    hey any videos showing how to fix that non working movement?.

  25. John Linder says:

    impressive work….thank you for the detailed video really helped…God Bless

  26. Krisler12 says:

    +Watch Repair Channel  Please show to me a quartz watch which its step is shorter than 1 second so that when it should be 14:00 it is 14:01. Its quartz step is faster than it should be so that after a few hours it is +35 seconds or more. On a mechanical watch you fix it on its mechanism but on a quartz watch how do you fix it ?

    Thanks in advance !

  27. Sometimes I can restore a quartz by soaking the movement in lighter fluid.
    Then take and dry it with hair dryer -low heat.

    What it sometimes does is free up the coagulated oil and allow the hands to turn. It does nothing to the chip or the dial and leaves no residue.

    But it does create the need to lubricate as it sucks up all the oil. Personally I don't even care to lube a quartz as by design it has near zero pivot wear. Disposable anyway.

    Do you ever grease the gasket and the o-ring of the stem?

    Sometimes it helps to make watch more water proof.

    Nice video, much appreciated.

    Btw, you sure do move fast…!


  28. douro20 says:

    I once worked on a snap-back watch whose back was so snug that It was quite imposssible to replace without a press.  Luckily the watch had a flat crystal; if it were domed, it would had been necessary to remove the crystal to prevent it from being damaged!

  29. Atom Cross says:

    hello there, i have an interest in horology budding from receiving my grandfathers Hamilton .742    ESA 963 121 movement. It is a quartz six jewel. i watched your video on removing crowns, but it doesn't seem to fall into any of the types  you covered.

  30. ACS Vlogs says:

    I have a swatch irony black with a tachymeter….. If I go to swatch repair centre, they ask a lot of money..
    I dont know how to access the movement and see for any repairs 🙁 is there any way?

  31. Thank you – good job.

  32. Rabbit Hole says:

    I have a mens Timex which was working til I opened and tried to change battery. Now the second hand spins freely and the watch does not work even with battery in. I don't know what happened. Any advice? I want to get a watch kit of tools and fix myself. Thanks for any direction at all if you have a moment.

  33. Are these kind of movements repairable or is it cheap to replace them new 

  34. MrSloika says:

    Good, informative video.  Thanks for sharing your skills.


  36. Bobs Cats says:

    Mark, the new eta movement has a black plastic winder on the stem.  How do I remove that plastic winder as I need to use the new stem as my old stem rusted and snapped after too much surfing.

  37. J Flores says:

    Love your videos!! Awesome skills and great tools that you use 🙂 Thank you

  38. You are an artist 🙂

  39. Every movement has a calibre number and this is either on the circuit board or on the bottom plate (chassis) usually. You may need a magnifying glass to locate this. If you get stuck then post a pic on my website forum and we may be able to identify it for you.

  40. JakeGamer123 says:

    Hi my watch needs a new movement (local watch reapir shop want to charge £45 for replacement) How do I order the exact replacement for my existing watch? After watching your vid I think I could do it myself.
    Great videos btw.

  41. Thanks Mark, great idea that.

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