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In this video we will show you how to fix cracked bumper cover. The bumper cover on our 2014 Mercedes was cracked and instead of buying one we decided to fix and show you how good it can look again. If you are missing a whole section of the bumper the repair is possible as well we have the video on the channel. If you do not want to waste money on a new bumper cover because your bumper cover is cracked then this video is for you.

Products used in the video:
► Gorilla Epoxy:
► Zip Ties:
► Bondo:
► Primer:
► Clear Coat:
► Epoxy Cloth:
► Makita Sander:
► Snadpaper:
► Soft Block:
► Spray gun:
► Compressor:

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♦♦♦ Cameras & Gear Used For This Video ♦♦♦

Panasonic Lumix FZ300:

Polaroid 72-inch:

Polaroid Pro Video Condenser:

NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Dimmable:

•Comuter for editting
Lenovo ideapad 310:

♦♦♦ Other Equipment and Gear that I use ♦♦♦

Sony HD Video Recording HDRCX405:

•GoPro HERO5 Black:

•Extra Computer For Editting
Lenovo Ideapad 510:

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  2. blank says:

    Hi, could you post the website to the place where you can find the paint for your car? You talked about it in the video, but I can't find the link.

  3. Tommy Miller says:

    How would that work with metal

  4. Isa tak says:

    What is the repair cost and how much new bumper cost?

  5. alek vodka says:

    That stuff is call fiberglass cloth !!!

  6. Great video brother! It's really incredible what you can do with resins and epoxies! It came out looking amazing! We just did a super similar video on a fiberglass bumper this week! Thanks for sharing your experience and keep em coming!

  7. Ray G says:

    This is amazing work. What body filler do you use on that bumper so it doesnt crack when it flexes?

  8. why do you need to put that one extra layer when you glue the gap?? That seems to be really interesting.

  9. The best way to fix a crack is to plastic weld it from both sides, I take one inch pieces of coat hanger that are ground with a course disc to give them tooth, Then with a pair of needle nose pliers I grab and heat the small piece of wire with a heat gun or propane torch and while its hot I push them into the back of the bumper across the crack every 1/4 inch or so and let the plastic melt around them. This is a skeleton, then I fill it with epoxy and sand it smooth. Much stronger! Im a body man .Check out my car

  10. Alpha P_ says:

    I will definately try this, thumbs up subscribed!

  11. Well this is not a DIY job for an amateur, this is for pofi workshop ! If you buy a new bumper the sanding, primer, painting and all is the same so the price is double for a new bumper.

  12. Mike K says:

    Nice work….but never glass up plastic…weld it…lasts longer and much less mess

  13. Само един Българин може да си разтвори боята в кофичка от Данон хаха браво момчета хубаво видео

  14. jublywubly says:

    You guys did a brilliant job!

  15. Kennedy Grey says:

    ebay 75 dollar bumpers also work LOL

  16. George Daws says:

    Good video and I like how you keep reinforcing the use of safety items and working safe as well. Pretty good work.

  17. Thank you, I now know how to fix the crack in my SL320 front bumper, brilliant job you did and i should save £400!

  18. illusionzfg says:

    Thanks for this video

  19. Paul L says:

    we doan need no steenking benches.

  20. Nite Flyer says:

    clean clean with clean water…

    "R" ( clean water) "seems to be a clue"

  21. Jack Harris says:

    I have bumper with cracks like your video.  I will wait toll it gets warmer and repair it like yours.  Very good idea.  Thaks for the method.

  22. SPK A says:

    You own a workshop with all tools and kits. It is a very complex process. Can u simplify it.

  23. Special bumper stuff? Has to have a bit of flexibility.

  24. Your videos are get well made and are a pleasure to watch.

  25. I would love to do this myself, cause I slid into a ditch last week cause I forgot to put my car in 4WD. ANYWAYS, I went on amazon and looked at all the tools you listed…. it’s pretty expensive compared to I could just buy a new bumper and install it myself

  26. Great video! Thank tou for sharing. I subscribed after watching this. Thanks again!

  27. w0lvez1 says:

    E6800 adhesive will produce better result. Easiest, fastest and cheapest way of fix. All you need to do is sand it, clean it, spray adhesion promoter/plastic primer then use masking tape or duct tape at the back of the crack. After applying the adhesive let it cure and then it's ready to paint.

  28. nice job. is there no need to use sem-flex additive on rubbery flexible parts anymore?

  29. Здравейте момчета, как да се свържа с вас през Facebook?

  30. Raul Dasking says:

    It is starting firstly cheap, but become very expensive more after.

  31. Just wondering, isn't the plastic cover about $300 wholesale? You could skip all that two days worth of work and put a brand new one on. If the plastic is like $700 might be worth it but you might expend more labor than its worth

  32. Mr censel says:

    Great video thanks guys

  33. bald Avalos says:

    Plastic welding is quick, cheap and its not a big mess

  34. gbenn84271 says:

    great for the environment guys – hope you don't have any kids playing around there.

  35. luis d says:

    For the analsided people who bitch why not just use a plastic welder, get a new bumper or why is soo much work involved. These types of repairs are perfect for cheap to mid priced flipping cars. The savings will be invested how creative you can finish a repair without spending a lot of money. This labor time spent equals MONEY. Thats why you never finish a project, you judge, you are an employee and remain poor wasting time. Thank you so much.

  36. People dont use acetone on any kind of plastic. It kind of burns it a little but most importantly it creates micro fissures. You can use izopropilic alcohol which is cheaper too.

  37. Пичове вие сте българи нали ? 🙂 По мартениците се ориентирах… Поздрави от България !

  38. Dr Snooz says:

    Super awesome video! Thanks!

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