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How To Grow Grass From Seed – Lawn Bare Spot Repair

Another comprehensive video showing you step-by-step how to plant grass seed in a large bare spot. Actual tips start at 2:18 …This seeding technique will work for any turf type – the only differences come in the weather windows needed for each.

Pre-emergent Prodiamine Granular:

Here is the seed starting mulch I used:

Here is Milorganite:

Here is the video from last week that shows where the lawn got ripped up:

Here is another seeding series in case you want more action:

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26 thoughts on “How To Grow Grass From Seed – Lawn Bare Spot Repair”

  1. Omar Amaya says:

    is threre a before/after anywhere else? I'm curious about the results.

  2. 5:36 is my face when that happens too

  3. Randy Vaughn says:

    What do you recommend using after top soiling a lawn?

  4. Randy Vaughn says:

    So what's the difference between milorganite and grass seed?

  5. “A little nutrient value, and that’s a good thing.” Mmmkay

  6. Ok I need to reseed after a grub infestation. I followed your other video on dealing with grubs. (Did that around Sept/October) I'm in Cleveland Ohio and the weather should be breaking soon. I went looking for some soil to put down in the affected area and ran around this stuff called…. Top Dressing Organic Sand and Soil at $33 per yard. I don't know if I need this but oh well. I just finished this video and think I'm ready to get started. My question is this, I've seen people reseed here in my area, and after they lay the seeds and water the grass they put Hay on top of the seeds to prevent the birds from having dinner. Do I need this step if I use the seed mulch?

  7. Adan Arceo says:

    I want to see if it grows, what happens?🕶🕶🕶

  8. HIGH GRADE says:

    You seem like a jackass

  9. Speeddemon3 says:

    By far the best explained grass laying technique and product coverage I've ever seen. Thank you!!

  10. William Wade says:

    So does walking on you newly seeded lawn damage it?

  11. Lavene C says:

    Why didn’t you use the spreader to spread the grass seeds?

  12. TK Skagen says:

    What would YOU recommend for a Pacific Northwest Lawn?

  13. TK Skagen says:

    What's that "White Stuff" all over the BARE SOIL that your seeding?

  14. great video like always, question though I just remove my all ugly grass and I want to seed my lawn because of the price of sods there are pricey I'm from Dallas btw, what seed should I'll put on my new lawn

  15. Saint Nick says:

    Great video, people really need to link update videos or progress videos though. This video was made a long time ago, now I have to search manually. A direct link or a WATCH THE UPDATE here keeps people on your channel and giving you views man.

  16. Joe G. says:

    Great Video. Would've been nice to see status update every week or so and a final picture of before and after.

  17. Good to see a FLorida related grass vid, as we have crazy hot weather, thin topsoil. Also those Dixie choppers will kill your small lawn so i refuse to use them.

  18. Jesse Arnold says:

    I wanna see what it looks like after the grass grew.

  19. Is there anything special that needs to be done to seed zoysia?

  20. ja khan says:

    Great advice – hey – were did ya get that soil thermometer – I cannot find a " readable" one.

  21. watched 1 video, can notice you're definitely a veteran.

  22. I have a dumb question. I'm trying to purchase the blue coated seed to add to my fertalizer and soil. What's the brand name for the blue coated stuff you put down first? My home caught on fire in 2016. Came back in from 100% interior repair. The contractors and everyone else made my yard have a big dead grass area. Trying to fix it. Thank you.

  23. mccallas says:

    thrower down…a lot.

  24. REYEZZFILMZZ says:


  25. Brian P says:

    Any suggestions on a very narrow area roughly 4" between the sides of my house and fence. It gets maybe 30-45 min of sun. I have bermuda in the rest of the lawn — Dallas, TX area. It just stays muddy and weedy.

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