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How to Open a Snap Off Watch Back

USE a knife with CAUTION ! Always protect your hand with a leather glove.
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Watches can be damaged without proper handling and while the repair you are about to attempt may seem simple, you can easily break or ruin the watch with any small mistake. If you have any doubts about this repair, do not hesitate to take your watch to a professional watchmaker or jeweler..

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42 thoughts on “How to Open a Snap Off Watch Back”

  1. kedocom says:

    I had to wear a couple pairs of glasses to get enough magnification to find the lip on the case-back where I would insert knife …. then it was easy with a proper case-back knife …. but I have done them with a regular knife but wouldn't recommend it as its easy to slip and cut yourself !

  2. Amar Devi says:

    if you follow safety, its pretty easy, someone said they lost a finger which is highly unlikely unless one is trying too hard to lose a finger.

  3. Evan Gurgick says:

    If anyone still needs help (closing a snap off watch) try this;
    Use a bench Vise, but be super careful. Place the watch in a vertical position right in the center of the vise and place a paper towel or cloth on the front and back to not scratch the glass or back. Slowly close the vise making sure to keep even pressure, the watch should pop back into place. I just tried this on my cheap MVMT watch and it worked!
    Best of luck.

  4. Ms bateaux says:

    used a single edge razor blade which i use to scape window decorations and it popped right off. Took the watch and secured it with a sunglass case because it had a twist o flex band, leveraged it to the side that connected the bands and it popped right off. I had been trying for days with tiny eyeglass screw drivers to no avail. Did not need expensive tools to get it done quick. Used my head and this video to think outside the box.

  5. Thank you. Didn't know about the slot.

  6. Humam Homsi says:

    I try it and it was a nice idea

  7. Got memes? says:

    I have a super cheap watch and the back is not coming off and i've used serious force, i've even bend my victorinox swiss army knife with it

  8. aikikathy says:

    The ER told me to buy a new watch!

  9. I just cut my finger ! Be careful .

  10. I've wasted 2 hrs , broke my knife, injured 2 fingers and a thumb, and completely ruined my finger nails. Never got the back off.

  11. Pat P says:

    Thanks! Helpful…….took a couple of tries and came right off!

  12. Venom Raven says:

    Music is insufferable. Please release me from these 4 chords and drum loop.

  13. I'm here to tell you that it is very unlikely that you will do any of this to a Ladies Rotary wristwatch. The lip is there but no tool strong enough will slide under there. Furthermore it's a very very tight snap fit and you definitely will need a press to replace it with suitable dollies/dies/jigs. I think it's outrageous to sell people a battery device that you cannot EASILY change the battery. Rotary should be defamed for using this method. Every couple of years you will have to pay $10 + to get it done. If you have many watches in your family, add up the annual costs. The actual battery is pennies to buy. That Jeweller will charge you top dollar for it plus his time.

  14. ali khan says:


  15. How to replace a watch battery: buy our tool.


  16. Hey, Walmart will do this free, if you buy the battery from them- maybe 5 dollars!

  17. i tried it for 2h it doesnt work

  18. No press or special tool needed to snap cover back on. Use a prescription bottle about the same size as the cover, place cloth on table with glass side in cloth and cover side facing up. Make sure cover is evenly center, use pill bottle to snap cover back on. That easy.

  19. Cheryl 1618 says:

    My stinking parents are liars i will never ever talk to them

  20. PpsyP says:

    Used a knife…took my time…I pryed the back off with minimal pressure! no blood drawn! Thank you!

  21. Thank you for the perfect instructions! I was going to the mall and paying 10$ before 😊

  22. It was really nice so I gived thumbπŸ‘ but my watch didn't close his behind, so I don't know what to do anyone has a hint? Please leave your hint or answer in the comment section. Thank you

  23. Luke Janis says:

    Watch companies have got to make this easier.

  24. 0:48 "Be careful not to let the blade slip, because it might scratch the watch case or otherwise damage it or the movement inside."

    Priorities, priorities. A little scratch on the outside/back of the watch case is not okay; a severed thumb, however, is perfectly fine.

  25. Thanks thanks that helped a lotttttttttttt

  26. Bill Hampton says:

    Thank you !! Instructions were perfect. Ignore the snowflakes remarks. Remember…they voted for Obamanure and the murdering bitch Clinton. That, in it's self, explains their failure to open pursuant to your video.

  27. T Wade says:

    thankyou-success 😊

  28. Anise Esina says:

    They need to just make the backs screwable so you can just twist it back on.

  29. Zac Imboden says:

    Thanks. Worked perfectly for me. I used an X-Acto knife and was very careful, knowing it could slip and go right into my thumb or the blade could break off. I worked it underneath the lip of the back with a sawing motion and gentle but firm pressure. This is harder than it sounds, because you have to hold the watch from it's sides and NOT be resting a finger against the back (which you are trying to move in the opposite direction). But it worked. I'm sorry if this video didn't work for some people but they didn't have to embarrass themselves with churlish, grade-school comments. Why don't they get off their duff, figure out a solution and post it on YouTube themselves?

  30. It is not as easy as it looks, i scratched the fuck out of the back of my watch trying carefully to do this, the lip around the edge does nothing to help you pry it open, its like these things are made to be as difficult as possible.

  31. Shad ow says:

    Thanks for posting these informative videos πŸ™‚

  32. Dylan Dickie says:

    Unless it's a specialist tool or a blade comprised entirely of air molecules, nothing seems to get under the little "lever" part. There are scratches all over the back from my disastrous attempts at opening the bloody thing. Oh well, I guess that's really by design, to force us into either paying for the tools, or paying someone else to use the tools.

    God, could you imagine they start doing this with TV remotes?

  33. how to remove a water in watch? ASAP

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