Watchs SALE All about watches How to Open a Watch Case With Common Household Items Without Proper Tools

How to Open a Watch Case With Common Household Items Without Proper Tools

Replacement tools to use: Needle nose pliers,Caliper,Knife or Rubber Ball or get a watch tool from amazon here
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How to open a watch case.
How to open a watch without proper tools.

43 thoughts on “How to Open a Watch Case With Common Household Items Without Proper Tools”

  1. The Old One says:

    I had a cheap watch with snap on caseback that looked like a screw down one…..after trying unscrewimg it endlessly, I decided to pry it off and it was so stubborn that I accidentaly broke the bracelet of the watch (I was also holding a bit of my hand on the bracelet and when it sliped off I broke it…). I can say that the caseback on that watch was the most secure snap on caseback in the world.

  2. Thanks for the video, it was super helpful

  3. Mary Mary says:

    I managed to replace the battery in my watch but I cut my finger while opening the watch.

  4. After using the pliers, the only thing I can say is "Is there a Band Aid in the house"?

  5. Lmao @1:26 "everyone" has a needle nose plier hahahaha

  6. Goo job with the ideas…only thing I’d add when opening a case back is putting a piece of tape to help not scratching the back.And only a junk knife as you will eventually nick the blade.

  7. Thank you very much, the video was so useful to me.
    I have a question please :
    I have guess watch model no. 113515G1, this watch I tried to change the battery, but when I did I damage the closer where it should be over the battery, then I use a small aluminum sheet and put it instead of that, the watch working very well and after 3 days the second hand is working continually and the other not. the minute hand and hour not working.
    Please, can you help me?
    Thank you again.

  8. Thank you for your video , I was able to open my watch so I can change my battery

  9. bligit says:

    Perfect thank you Sir!

  10. David Ellis says:

    watch companies know dam well they could make it easy to get the backs of, if they really wanted to, but its just a money making racket.

  11. backach1 says:

    if you have spring back get a Stanley blade or a razor blade and use the middle
    so you do not cut your self
    i got the idea by watching this vid so thumbs up

  12. Tommy Black says:

    We once had a grey cat.

  13. AFX Gaming says:

    thankyou, you helped me straighten my watch face, for some reason it's loose in there and not held down by anything so it moves sometimes lol it was crooked for so long!

  14. Fare ツ says:

    Dude thank you so much i was opening the screw one like it was a snap back

  15. Baxtexx says:

    Thank you! I never realized that my watch had a screw back! 🙂

  16. Well i guess ill just. Buy another fake rolex battery empty

  17. My knife broke whirl I tried to open it…

  18. Just open the mf dam stop talking

  19. rational _ says:

    ''common household items''… welll my fuck my life,

  20. Ms Bateaux says:

    used a single edge razor blade which i use to scape window decorations and it popped right off. Took the watch and secured it with a sunglass case because it had a twist o flex band, leveraged it to the side that connected the bands and it popped right off. I had been trying for days with tiny eyeglass screw drivers to no avail. Did not need expensive tools to get it done quick. Used my head and this video to think outside the box.

  21. Dale Hammond says:

    I've worked for long periods of time with all sorts of tools and have never been able to open one of these. I've cut and gouged myself in the process. This is why I will no longer buy a battery watch.

  22. U really helped. Thanks 4 inspiring video.

  23. Karen Jane says:

    Where is the Tag watch? It surely wasn't in this video. Thanks for wasting my time.

  24. Rama Reddi says:

    Thank you so so much!!

  25. Boss Hogg says:

    I see that you have the proper tool there for a slotted back. Would it not be better to tell us where you got that from and also the price. Surely they are not that expensive.

  26. Erika Gehr says:

    I managed to open one watch, but the other I can't get anything inside to pry it open, the other one pryed open but this is too small a gap

  27. Johnny James says:

    is there any other types of backs, i cant find a cut out or get the back off, its not a screw bc it doesnt have those holes

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