Watchs SALE All about watches How to Paint Your Car Yourself – Auto Body Repair (1 of 2)

How to Paint Your Car Yourself – Auto Body Repair (1 of 2)

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Refinish Network consists of various professional and enthusiast painters whom work collectively to help eachother out using the websites discussion forum. You will also find various helpful ‘how to’ articles from painting to body repairs.

This illustrates the basic steps on how to paint a car, please check out my other auto body repair video’s for more information on how to paint a car yourself, updated video includes the use of aerosol cans!

This shows the steps necessary from start to finish of a minor dent repair on the quart panel of a sunfire. It includes filler application, block sanding, priming, sealer, painting & clearcoat application.

There is many things to know if your looking to paint your car. Although this was done in a professional spray environment it can be accomplished the same at home but with likely a lot more polishing after.

This how to paint a car video assumes a bit of knowledge and if you need some more feel free to visit our website for how to paint articles or look at the other videos on our channel

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41 thoughts on “How to Paint Your Car Yourself – Auto Body Repair (1 of 2)”

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  2. buang ka See says:

    when you put a primer you ned to mask it with a reverse age. . ..for me this is not the proper way…to do it..

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  4. Rakib Khan says:

    কার স্প্রায় রে লোক লাগবেনা নাকি,

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  6. What are the sand paper grades your using on these steps

  7. Gour Gour says:

    I'm car painting painting

  8. Should the alternative room have a paint furnace / ordinary lighting / air suction / and insulation material (for dust) for the roof

  9. انا شغال دهنات سيارات مصرى مستوى عالى جدااا ابحس هل يوجد فرصه عمل

  10. Mert Manaz says:

    Got kadar yere bu kadar uğraştım helal olsun bizde neden boyalı araba istenmediği belli oluyor

  11. thank you for this great video but you dont mention how i know the primer coat for my car. is it all the same

  12. Joy Parrott says:

    To me he made the repair a bigger job,screw that I'll just get mine done professionally.

  13. setia hasmi says:

    amplas poxy lalu aplikasi base coat

  14. setia hasmi says:

    lalu di lanjut poxy primer

  15. setia hasmi says:

    lalu proses pengamplasan (body filler)

  16. setia hasmi says:

    itu pertama proses pengupasan cat sampai cat dasar

  17. سلام عليكم .سيارتي هونداي النترا تورنج او تورنك .كندي مستورد من كوري رقم الصبغ وهو 2R فصبغوا السيارة إلا أن هناك فرق كبير بين صبغ الشركة والصبغ الجديد .ف الصبغ الجديد غامق جدا .علما أن تركيب اللون حسب رقم صبغ السيارة .لماذا .وما الحل لذلك .ارجوا الإجابة شاكرا لجنابك الكريم

  18. david wynne says:

    he got it rite, by first stage, old paint cant sink, feathering cut to much, but we all learn,,simple

  19. JM Rivera says:

    Took 4ever just in that little den.. coat over coat over coat x-(   Got tire just watching fixing that little den 😀 ..

  20. Don't you have to sand with each prime???? And then do the block sanding.

  21. Cynthia Page says:

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  22. Brent Nicol says:

    What are you demonstrating or trying to teach? How long will this guy take to do an entire car. Do you feel like working dude?

  23. Nice video. I won't bug you about grits.

  24. sbusumacinta says:

    This video is useless if you do not mention number/type of sandpaper!

  25. Jon A says:

    backsanding means hacksanding

  26. Eddy Martel says:

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  27. Ahmed Imtiaz says:

    If we have paint whole car with this techniques,i think its gonna take week's

  28. whats does P stand for in P180 Grig? I know what 180 Grit sand paper is but whats P? thank you

  29. Jerry Briggs says:

    This guy doesn't speak?

  30. 500 horses says:

    Air pressure extremely high. Shouldn't have to spray primer through a gravity fed gun at 40psi. Haha. That is why you are having to waste time with masking around the body work and sanding overspray. Turn down your pressure and never have to do those two steps again.

  31. bmw fan says:

    you dont know anything man

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  33. good dear and  thanks for sharing this video.

  34. DC4L says:

    This is some serious Earl Shives here..

  35. I should have watched that video first before working on my van

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