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How to recone and repair a speaker or woofer with a Pro Parts recone kit

Video instructions for installing Pro Parts preassembled recone kits from Sound Speaker Repair. Pro Parts kits make speaker reconing simple. Pro Parts kits are preassembled using jigs specially designed for each speaker, then glued to insure that the voice coil, spider and cone are perfectly centered every time. Using a Pro Parts recone kit will restore your speaker or woofer back to new condition.

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22 thoughts on “How to recone and repair a speaker or woofer with a Pro Parts recone kit”

  1. goobectomy says:

    I found that using a heat gun loosens that glue and you can take the gaskets and cone and spider off without damaging them. It takes some time and patience though.

  2. Sam Jarvis says:

    How much would it cost to to overhaul a Lanzar 10" viberant sub, it needs a new cone set. How much would that cost? For a reconing kit? Thanks

  3. How do you get stuff out of the coil gap?

  4. William Wall says:

    I just repaired my EV bass speaker with one of these kits. Great video, great paper instructions that came in the box. I could not be more pleased with the product. If you are on the fence about ordering one, It was very easy to follow the instructions.
    Year's ago I repaired a pair of advent speakers with another company's non-pre-assembled cone and coil with poor results. This (Sound Speaker Repair) is the way to go.

  5. tyeleep says:

    i feel like a dumb ass for throwing away a $300 dollar sub now… thank you

  6. Vince says:

    Very nice video. Would like to see one though were you are replacing the tinsel leads on a sub and have nothing to work with but the frayed ends of the old leads. This is common among subs such as the Kicker L7 where you can't get access to the voice coil to replace the entire lead.

  7. sparkyuiop says:

    Really well made video. Proper tech tutorials are becoming less and less these days.

  8. hq72hotmale says:

    why cant all people do it as well as this guy thankyou thankyou thankyou

  9. guiterry says:

    That's awesome! I was about to send mine out, but I think I'll try to fix 'em myself now!! THANKS FOR THE POST!!

  10. ChavoFelix says:

    great info!!!! thanks!!!!

  11. WATCHSONICS says:

    amazing movie, I wish you were repairing my blown mesa 15"!

  12. five stars for shotglass

  13. hairyshitter says:

    Excellent video, very concise.

  14. Jack13SWC says:

    5 Stars!!!
    Helped me recone the speakers my 3yr. old nephew punctured with a screwdriver.

  15. joestl314 says:

    Very good video. 5 stars

  16. shomoser12 says:

    verry good video i was looking for something like this

  17. djbigron says:

    that was a great video

  18. ed biscocho says:

    thank you for that illustration, and technique. you're so creative.

  19. joe santos says:

    SWEET!! you should sell universal recone kits

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