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How to regulate a watch using a timegrapher – Watch repair tutorials

Watch Repair Course Level 1:
Today we are going to look at how we can determine the current rate of a watch so that we can adjust it accordingly. To determine the current rate of a watch we must compare that rate with a known good source.

Part 1:

The software based timing machines featured in this video:

Watch-O-Scope: (

Escapement Analyzer by Graham Baxter:

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23 thoughts on “How to regulate a watch using a timegrapher – Watch repair tutorials”

  1. Terry Clark says:

    Several new watches I've bought have run fast by about 25 seconds a day. Is this done on purpose by the manufacturers for some reason?

  2. Nick Franken says:

    I was sondering, do you have some experience with the watch tuner timegrapher app for the iPad?

  3. john saffas says:

    Keep the videos coming. I have learned a lot from your videos Mark.

  4. Hi Mark, loving the videos. I've just tried regulating my Alphs Submariner homage (knockoff!) with a Miyota movement which was gaining 2 minutes per day. I set it up on the timegrapher and got it regulated to +/- 1 second per day with a beat error of 0.1ms. When I closed the watch up however, and rechecked it it was running at +40 to 50 seconds per day. I took the back off and retested it and it was back to+/- 1s/d and 0.1ms so I closed it up again and it went back to around +45s/d. What's at fault, the watch, the timegrapher or me?

  5. hallo Mark, I would ask you for explain about regulating movement… When we check movement in different position and movement show us different moving,how we regulat movement,in which position? Thenks a lot…

  6. This was more interesting than I thought it would be. After watching this and your previous video I am now going to binge watch all the rest ! Superbly presented and pitched just right.

  7. send1967 says:

    I use Iphone app Hairspring and satisfied.I can do +- 1 second

  8. I have a 7S26 that loses about 6 seconds a day. Not to bad for my little SNK

  9. I have never understood what are the cons of having the watch out of beat. Is beat error affecting the accuracy of the watch? If yes, how?

  10. Tracy Lewis says:

    Well done. I have one of these time graphers and although there is a pretty intuitive I was glad that you see your video to confirm my assumptions. I've got a nice watch running 30 seconds fast so I'm going to give it a go tomorrow. Wish me luck.

  11. Rick Adams says:

    I just wanted to thank you for putting these videos together. I have learned a ton of invaluable information. I can't wait to register for your course!

  12. Leane Garden says:

    Hi Mark. It's always a pleasure to listen to your valuable lessons and learn from the Master. Thank you once again!

  13. I ran some tests and I’ve just realized that by touching the hair spring with a less than gentile force can cause changing the shape of the hair spring. This also altered the beat error. I tried to fix it but I couldn’t bring the beat error closer than 1.7 ms. That’s it. I have to send it to service.

    As a lesson learned: be extra cautions while working close to the hair spring, have a proper light, a proper working position and use a magnification lens, not like I’ve just did.

  14. For me this is just a hobby. I love such great, delicate and accurate mechanisms.

  15. I successfully used a timegrapher to regulate some of my watches from my small collection. Great tool!

    At one point, while attempting to adjust an ETA 2824-2 movement (that doesn’t have a beat error lever), after I accidentally touched the hair spring next to the adjusting lever of the beat rate, the beat error increased from 0.1 to 4 ms.

    I don’t understand how this happened. Maybe I deformed the hairspring or what? The hairspring looked fine though. Can you explain to me what could have happened? Why did the beat error increased so much after touching the hair spring?

    I can only guess that my only option now is to send my watch to service to properly fix the beat error for this movement. For the other movements with levers for both beat error and beat rate I managed to properly adjust them by myself.


    I am proud to say that I achieved great accuracy (+0.15 sec/day) helped by the timegrapher, but not only. I am not considering the timegrapher the absolute reference for beat rate adjustments. I am using a database to measure the beat rate over a long period of time (1-2 months) in parallel with magnetization checks/ demagnetizations.

    I applied the difference while using the timegrapher after the temperature stabilization. Finding a way to fine adjusting the levers is another story, but I did it.

  16. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏⌚

  17. David Brown says:

    Thanks Mark. I want to complement you on your speaking style. Its very hard to speak clearly and succinctly staying on message without a lot of stuttering and interjections. Your ability makes your videos very enjoyable. I suspect you start with a script; but, if you do, you certainly sound like you have practiced it; because I don't hear the tell tail reading sound you get from reading a script. If not, you should be a professor, your sentences are complete and your thoughts well organized.

  18. Hi, very good video!

    What are the cheap and acceptable brands of timegrapher I can buy in USA, by Amazon (or eve ebay)?

  19. Tony Hill says:

    If you have never had any formal training in how to teach then you have a natural ability. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills.

  20. Ted Davis says:

    Thanks Mark! Great video as always.

  21. Great video, very informative! I have just bought a Timegrapher machine. Thank you 🙂

  22. s d says:

    For normal people, audacity is the best way to go, as regulating every 24 hours is just ridiculous. I'd also rely much more on my computer than with my eyes. Another benefit with audacity is you can measure a watch without the second hand.

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