Watchs SALE All about watches How to ReLume Watch Hands. Part 1. Repair the luminous compound on a Tag Heuer watch.

How to ReLume Watch Hands. Part 1. Repair the luminous compound on a Tag Heuer watch.

This video shows how to repair the luminous compound on a watch where the old is dis-coloured or broken away. It’s a relatively simple job to do if it is done right.

This is part 1 of a three part series which shows how to prepare the hands.

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24 thoughts on “How to ReLume Watch Hands. Part 1. Repair the luminous compound on a Tag Heuer watch.”

  1. it4ubd says:

    sir..! what is the luminous kit and compound name?

  2. Dave Hebb says:

    What lume are you using here? Is it Bergeon or some other brand? Was curious because it matched so well.

  3. hugeshows says:

    Hi Mark, I've been enjoying the channel and learning a lot. However, this video made me cringe. If I'm not mistaken, the marking "T Swiss Made T" indicates that this is a tritium-based luminous compound originally on the watch. I watched in horror as you used a blower to contaminate your entire workspace with radioactive material. While tritium is ostensibly safer than radium, it's certainly not something you ever wish to inhale even in tiny quantities in a solidified compound, as it carries a non-zero cancer risk. Tritium's half-life is only 12.3 years, but that means there is still enough tritium to be concerned about. When faced with this task, I have in the past inserted the hands into a syringe drawn with solvent, agitated until it was all removed, then remove and rinse the hands carefully and disposing of the solvent safely. Doing this avoids any possible dust inhalation exposure during the process. Radioactive dust is always something I take precautions with whenever I open the case of a radio-luminous watch let alone work directly with the luminous compounds.

  4. kevgermany says:

    Isn't there a risk of getting old lume into the movement as you blow away.

  5. Another great video…… Keep posting, because I and others enjoy them a great deal – thanks.

  6. What # tweezer is being used. And what # tweezer set best all around

  7. Jif says:

    Is radaco, a brand name? And could I use a moldable eraser instead?

  8. gary jonson says:

    4:40 shouldn't you be wearing gloves? isn't that stuff radioactive, like RADIUM?

  9. awsome stuff thanks for teaching. Watch dude

  10. Surya says:

    What are the exact chemicals/compound being used ?

  11. Green alien says:

    what year is that watch from?

  12. frockoff1 says:

    if one gets pretty good, about how long does this process take for the watch you are reluming?

  13. uniphobia says:

    i can't stop watching your videos..

  14. hussain6617 says:

    its like watching a game of snooker the background its quite as he speaks lol

  15. mercurial says:

    Really enjoying your content! After discovering it a few days ago, I've been hooked.

    My knowledge of horology is very scant, but it occurs to me that you should consider including a warning regarding Radium based illumination paints.

    Perhaps consider just showing what typical degraded Radium compound stains look like & a warning that watches showing these traces are dangerous to work on?

    Thankyou again for your fascinating content, I keenly look forward to seeing more.

  16. kim swee Lye says:

    I've just got myself a Steinhart Ocean 1 and the lume is just awful. Do you think that the factory Luke can easily remove and relume with new one?

  17. applecounty says:

    I have just discovered this channel. Amazing.
    Just one question, do you replace the luminous compound with new luminous compound (given it is radioactive).

  18. devizesco says:

    Hi Mark, is the "blower" you are using in this video actually a "sucker" so to speak?

  19. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  20. fierrosf1 says:

    Thank you for upload this very well explained video, it has been very useful for me the hands of my vintage Osco Parat , now are like new. Do you have a technique to relume our markers? Best Regards from Peru. Please visit my Facebook Fan Page SWISSTIMEPERU.

  21. GoodStuff65! says:

    how much to do this job for someone?

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