Watchs SALE All about watches How to repair a dead dry lead acid battery using lemon

How to repair a dead dry lead acid battery using lemon

How to repair a dead dry lead acid battery using lemon

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24 thoughts on “How to repair a dead dry lead acid battery using lemon”

  1. krishna man says:

    you should try with golgapa water

  2. My friend American its only 10 volt so useful for mini lead light only no power to take load as in previous 12 volt storage so its the difference of dead battery. My opinion.

  3. Tom France says:

    If you put cachaça together it gets better. !!!

  4. Nessa bateria de moto você boto limão com quê ????? Me responde por favor, obrigado

  5. fake he change battery

  6. zamistro says:

    Almost a whole minute of him squeezing a lemon. Sigh.

  7. Lukie Kelen says:

    Don't post bullshit here.

  8. Claudio Jara says:

    Invecil… eso es lo peor que podrias pensar .. ademas de destruir la bateria con algo organico eres un fake farsante deberian cerrar tu canal estupido

  9. zrzor abd says:

    you can easily save money by bringing dead batteries back to life, try it here

  10. chales man says:

    if this is real, then why do you cut the video instead of continuous recording? and show the whole process.

  11. Vladislav says:

    no no no no noooooo

  12. Loli4lyf says:

    Or just buy a new one

  13. Gracias señor señor ahora ya podre arreglar mi batería…

  14. Апельсиновый сок тоже даст такое напряжение?

  15. HERNAN J says:


  16. Title says lemon, uses lime…

  17. That was awesome, add rock salt dissolve in distilled water mix with lime juice..

    Anyways this is your old video repeated.. LOL

  18. Nice idea. But Time consuming vedio. hence I cant like. I think you may use mild HCL instead of lemon juice.

  19. Box Fear says:

    Please your are make a battery charger in 230 volt AC to convert 12 volt dc supply please please

  20. de tantos fakes q has subido no se si pueda funcionar

  21. How to repair a lead-acid battery after using it for welding. 😀 Just joke. 😀 Good job! Need a comment about lemon and distilled water.

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