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How to Repair a Shower Valve – This Old House

Rebuilding an old shower valve to like-new condition with This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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Full episode:

How to Fix a Leaky Shut-off Valve:

How to Replace a Shower-Mixing Valve:

How to Repair a Shower Valve in a Tile Wall:

Shopping List for How to Repair a Shower Valve:
– shower valve rebuild kit

Tools for How to Repair a Shower Valve:
– screwdriver
– pliers
– thermometer, used to measure the water temperature

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18 thoughts on “How to Repair a Shower Valve – This Old House”

  1. The mixers seem to often clog up with calcium. I fixed mine by dismantling and greasing with silicon grease a while back, still good. Not sure of the make but for interest hereโ€™s the fix video to fix it nearly free (just some grease needed):

  2. So do I need to turn off my water first before I try to replace the valve? My shower does not stay on because the valve keeps releasing the water.

  3. M Gomez says:

    Mine drips. Do I need to replace the spring and seals?

  4. david maher says:

    Forgot to show how to take it out

  5. Yousef Araba says:

    Need a closer straight view

  6. i wouldnโ€™t mine taking a shower with that hot lady

  7. CMLAFLAMME says:

    As a contractor it really annoys me that every time I replace shower valves, a bunch if hot young homeowners just want to stand there and cheer me on..

  8. Mike Kranik says:

    probably leaked it's ass off since he rolled the o ring down the outside where it wouldn't do a thing.

  9. still34u says:

    How in the hell do they always get a Hot Chick in these videos? ๐Ÿ˜€ are they like "oh yeah we'll fix it .." are they picking jobs by the people who need them done, or are they just bringing chicks with them? ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Shawn Cox says:

    How in the hell was her water instantly hot? Mine takes about 5 or 6 seconds

  11. Tom V says:

    Why dont you use faucet silicone on them "washers" aka seats to real plumbers.

  12. pei broker says:

    good vid, thanks…

  13. I rented a house one time where the valve and everything was upside down. They fixed when I left because the new tenant had kids and it was an old valve without the temperature regulator.

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