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How to repair an X5 H2O Mop that is not steaming

In this video my dad shows you how to repair a X5 H2O mop as advertised on TV. This seems to be a common issue with this model and this is relatively easy task to undertake to repair the mop. Do not bin it as we show it is fully repairable.

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33 thoughts on “How to repair an X5 H2O Mop that is not steaming”

  1. Must get my mop apart after seeing this,thanks men

  2. negara54 says:

    At 4.04. What is the purpose of the coiled wire? If all it does, is get blocked with limescale?

  3. The machine isn't heating up and no water is running through to the heating jacket. Any ideas please?

  4. Tony07UK says:

    For better effect the dude with the camera needs to shake it about a bit more and keep zooming in and out – and whatever you do DON'T hold the camera still!

  5. I've cleared the heater, it wasn't blocked anyway so I ran vinegar through it. Still doesn't steam though, I think there's a solenoid valve that's not opening when the machine is switched on.

  6. JACOB KURIAN says:

    Excellent video. Very helpful indeed. However, while opening, I damaged a bit of the plastic pipe. I replaced this with a motorbike fuel pipe which unfortunately melted when I started using the X5. HELP!

  7. do not need to disarm , just check the water 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid , is sold in pastry shops and make it work

  8. Yo tengo otro modelo lo desarme y ahora no se como volver a armarlo los cables donde se conectan Muchisimas gracias

  9. Hi my problem ist that the steam mop is splitting water and doesn't steam……what can i do or how can i solve this problem????the red light and green light is on …..but the water is leaking out from the mop…….no steaming….???

  10. would it reduce limescale in future if we used bottled spring water instead of tap water – the own brand kind that is £1 for 5 litres in the supermarket? Curious ..

  11. Li Ping Lim says:

    What is the concentration of vinegar solution?

  12. Can you just run come CLR diluted through it instead of taking it all apart?

  13. David Amigo says:

    Who wants to go through all that to unclog a steamer?! I'll pass. This isn't worth it, if you ask me. I am glad I saw this video before I spent any money on a piece of machinery that isn't worth a damn.

  14. John Cena says:

    Спасибо, дружище! Хоть и не на русском, зато все доходчиво!
    Шпарит теперь как бешенный) ))

  15. I live in a limescale free area…shouldn't this appliance just work without this

  16. Aurèle Z says:

    Thaaaank you!!!! Merci!!!!!!!

  17. Might be an idea to use deionised water from the start,the instructions could gave suggested this from the start!!before the limescale took over

  18. Tried everything to remove two difficult screws,not happening,might have to bin it if I can't get it opened!frustrating

  19. mintsiez says:

    i heard you can also run CLR threw it to do the same thing 

  20. Sola Abdul says:

    Thank you for the great work.
    Please could you assist with the name of the site where one could buy something like the hoses and other repair kits in the X5 steam mop?
    Thank you once more.

  21. Could limescale be the reason my x5 is not working the water licks from the back and so does the stream.

  22. Muchas Gracias. Fue de mucha utilidad.

  23. Barry Tipton says:

    great video …is the pump part of the boiler and how much are replacements …shame the steam was louder than you at the end 

  24. Marco Silva says:

    gracias por tu ayuda este video me ayudo a reglar mi H2O MOP espero que otros puedan ver este video que es de mucha ayuda tank you bendiciones

  25. Useful but didn't look easy

  26. Thanks to Rhyslolly's dad, I now have a fully functioning steam mop! After dismantling the mop, I soaked the tube, wire and boiler sections in a vinegar solution for a couple of hours before putting it all back together again – worked perfectly.

    By the way, those weird screws require a torque key – can't remember what size but I bought a set from my local hardware shop yesterday for £4.50.

  27. Derek Crew says:

    watching how to repair a x5 steam mop, where can I get the plastic pipe that is inside

  28. Donald Budge says:

    Excellent piece of work overall. My problem is that I have no green light and all appears dead. I have checked mains supply, plug fuse and confirmed power to base of unit with a "Power Tracer" pen. I have made the screw driver and opened the unit. But before I go any further, and if you get this, is there anything obvious about the lack of any lights? Is there some isolation switch inside the unit? Is the black PP-1-1 unit a pump? Have you seen a circuit diagram of the unit? Your comments would be most welcome. Donald Budge.

  29. I cant take out the small screws that secures the casing so that I can see the inside with lime build up, the most I can do is stick the pin inside the inlet and outlet holes. Mine has 6 screws 

  30. afaf salh says:

    I have one of the X5 the engine sound is very low and no steam at all comes out I want to open it but I there is tow screw that I cant remove .

  31. NJ Tech says:

    good job guys! I live in a very hard water area and after a day of use, the following day it was showing signs of lower pressure. I ran a diluted nespresso descaler and that worked a treat. I think at the end of every use at least half a tank of vinigar mix before you store it cant be a bad idea!

  32. The camera keeps missing the shots. Far too close and far too slow to react to the motion of the repair process

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