Follow this guide to repair your broken image files by swapping out their corrupt headers with working ones in a HEX editor! This method has been tested by me, and I can confirm that it works with Canon, Nikon and Olympus RAW image formats. Other formats like Sony and etc. should work as well.

XVI32 HEX editor:


Written Guide:

00:00 – 2:24

Marking of corrupted image header
(steps 1—19): 2:25 – 4:02

Deletion of corrupted image header
(step 11): 4:08

Saving prepared image without image header
(step 12): 4:20

Opening and copying a working header from another image
(step 13): 4:27 – 4:53

Marking, copying and pasting the header from a working image to the other image without a header (steps 14 — 18): 4:54 – 5:30


  1. Pluss1 says:

    Some of you have requested a written guide, so here it is:
    I'll make a part 2 ASAP. Stay tuned!

  2. Hellzz says:

    WelLcum EWery WAN. Spit it out junior lol

  3. Redtagheuer says:

    This is SUPERB. I think you should do another video though. A really slow one, so peeps don't have to keep pausing it. Otherwise, an excellent talk-through my friend. (Better microphone would help you tremendously). Well done.

  4. Sheikh Akram says:

    BZCXKNMCC virus attack no open image and video

  5. Nadzstar says:


  6. can i send my pic. to you .. and kindly fix it for me .. ?.. if u can tnx .

  7. Hi, I followed everything you said step by step, but when I clicked on the resulting image it said We can't open this file….I need serious help


  9. Basil Ghanma says:

    I have a problem and the fix
    If you have a different thumbnail , but you can open it but not in photoshop or the file is not readable in some apps after doing this tutorial
    You should upload it if its cr2 or raw image to a converter from eg – cr2 to jpg and download it
    Less quality but better than nothing

  10. Syeda Eraj says:

    Hi there..i got my pictures in a USB from a photographer.. half of them are corrupted..almost 4gb data.. plz tell can i recover them?

  11. Arhaan Nazir says:

    I have deleted the partition ….now I have recovered the images and videos from the data recovery software but 90% of my images and videos are not able to open…showing that it may be corrupt or broken….can you fix these photos and videos for me

  12. Rod Lim says:

    Hi, I tried this on CR2 files. Results = thumbnail of non-corrupt file shows up in the AAA.JPG, but when you click to open AAA.JPG, I only have a totally black image. What am I doing wrong? Your comments/help will be appreciated. Thank you.

  13. Great Eye says:

    Are you sure it works?. Can I send you some of my corrupted image please please please respond

  14. Rajesh Sahu says:

    Please Sir. Hindi me bataye

  15. MCS Inside says:

    i found a solution! it's download a picture from another browser!

  16. cant see in the image, first block is FF and second block is? "TA","DA","D8", other?

  17. Denzen xD says:


  18. Davi Marques says:

    The codes in my image are all 55 on one side and a U letter on the other, can you fix that?

  19. JB Marker says:

    Good job but too complicated.

  20. POWERSLAY says:

    Im just commenting to see if OP approval is needed.

  21. daz mah says:

    hey dude…big thanks for jpg repair walkthrough…for me it works for some but not others. but the most important thing is you have shown that you can do these things yourself rather than than paying money for crappy software. massive respect to you.

  22. I have hundreds of images that won't open. What do I do?

  23. Target Me says:

    who else has infowait?

  24. Hi, thanks for this! What if my files are in .png?

  25. ROHIT JAIN says:

    Hex editor shows all 55 please help me out

  26. Fayyaz Ahmed says:

    i apply all method as u 100%.but i can't open my jpg file …now what should i do

  27. hello brother i need snap screen of this i cannot see well in full screen … plesae i lost picture away from 480km on bike i want this pictures back

  28. Tony Laghi says:

    Thank you so much, in the meantime I thank you for sharing, registration and deserved likes for your channel, I followed the guide also linked by you, step by step, the only progress that I managed to do is create only the thumbnail preview, but the main remains damaged.

    In essence, the damaged photos were recovered from an external memory that has broken, photos taken with a Canon EOS 1200D, among the many halves are intact, while the rest are in light gray, brown, are seen in the middle, but none in black, so I think they are repairable, since with RS repair jpg the only thing I can recreate are the previews, from there I played a bit with the HEX editor, but creating different combinations I can not create a black image or a preview file with the size of the original (the preview is always logically small).

    I have no other ideas to recover the blessed photos of my marriage, I've been trying software for months and I think only the hex editor can do the miracle so much hoped for the joy of my wife.

    I thank you for everything and God bless you!

    P.S: excuse my bad English

  29. friend hello,I tried to reanimate my photo according to your scheme, but I did not succeed. Can you try to restore the photo? I sent you an archive with a photo, please see.

  30. Bart Basilio says:

    String not found???

  31. Saddam Akbar says:

    FF DA = String Not Found. How?

    I Hope You can Answer and Help Me, THx Buddy….

  32. Bro plz your number I am missing something

  33. Can't find a legit software to repair JPG files smh…

  34. Do you know how to do it on a Mac? Thank you

  35. that's a bullshit video. you wasted my time. asshole

  36. what about if we are on a Mac?

  37. Jason Weaver says:

    I seriously can't understand what you are saying.. I get to search for FF DA and then I can't get any farther. Can you email me the typed out directions? please…

  38. B says:

    Appreciate if you get in contact with me, thanks in advance

  39. Ilyas Khan says:

    Totally Fake Drama Fuck

  40. neuro369 says:

    Got me into hex in general but god man I cannot hear you say characters A or 8 D A?? than F3 or F2 it was obviously f3 but your english is fine it's just a bit fuzzy audio with that noise low bitrate and my fan. Funny story the very first image I went to edit was severely corrupted or my initial reaction to it being a virus or possibly a sneaky .exe was correct but when I scrolled along and started seeing command lines than a bunch of XML than parts of what I seems like 3 different crypto services and segments of TOR blocklist and Authentication keys… than contacts from an ancient hotmail. I know how I will be sending messages to my friends now 😛

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