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How to Repair Curb Rash on Alloy wheel rim

Complete guide on how to repair curb rash on a Alloy or polished edge rim!
Most modern cars are now sold with polished / diamond cut wheels so if you scratch your rim this is how you can repair!

My previous video on fixing curb rash on a painted wheel

Drill polish head Kit:


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24 thoughts on “How to Repair Curb Rash on Alloy wheel rim”

  1. kevin mccool says:

    No harm but you need glasses if you can't see the bit you repaired. Lol but it's a good cheap repair on the other hand.

  2. Good job 🖒 I can go repair wheels "Denver" Golf gti 😓

  3. gcroes15 says:

    Sry to ask but did you use scotch bright on the the polish area?

  4. Paolo says:


    Whete do You Buy The products for execute The operstions in this video?

  5. ian8354 says:

    Next time you spray the clear coat, block off the inside of the wheel with card, easily done just find a large box, use a pen attached to string to draw the correct sized circle in the card, cut it out, place the card inside the wheel….I can hear you thinking 'Why'…. The card catches any over spray that would go on the inside of the rims.

    Rough inner rims lead to one thing…muck clings and you will be constantly cleaning the wheels.

  6. Fnasser says:

    Nice. Now buy your client new tires

  7. plus simple de démonter la roue pour faire ça, elle est déjà crevée par une vis

  8. neil pearson says:

    This is a superb demo, articulate and clear without any stupid music or the history of how the wheel got scuffed!!!!!! Just two things please, can i not just use my DA sander instead of a drill? and I struggle to find such high grit discs, they all tend to only go up to 240. I currently have a 2010 Golf match where the diamond faces have tarnished and also a 2012 Nissan Quashqai, again with corroded faces. Thanks very much, really is one of the best videos I have seen

  9. t k says:

    amazing work man. i have a mk5 gti with terrible scratch on my detroit rims😂. maybe i can do this to my detroits

  10. Jon O'Neil says:

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  11. Blackbrooke says:

    Mark the position of the valve with chalk and half deflate the tyre, saves a lot of potch and you can radius the rim easily.

  12. radek kania says:

    I would change only one thing it's the clear coat . You should use 2k etch clear coat as it's bare aluminium. Otherwise it will peel of after time and get oxidized .

  13. john kidd says:

    great job, you make it look so easy, thanks

  14. Nigel B says:

    wow, great video,thanks

  15. Very helpful and ifs you are just doing one time it’s ok for 2/3 years then you give them to specialists to repair how long it’s take you to do 4 of them how much time it’s take

  16. Adam Brown says:

    Hi. Can this be done by sanding using hand power for a small area?

  17. Great video. Very useful information.

  18. richard B says:

    a good repair lad, but would recommend spraying the wheel in an upright position so dust doesn't get a chance to settle in your clear coat, unless using a spray booth

  19. Stroath Mate says:

    "Factory" Apart from the fact that if anyone knows this model rim they will know the entire area you just sanded down no longer has the diamond cut look to it and its just a smooth finish. It looks good but its lacking that really nice texture that it starts with.

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