Watchs SALE All about watches How to repair explorer.exe through repairing procedures(Win 7 only)

How to repair explorer.exe through repairing procedures(Win 7 only)

First of all, why did u idiots especially meself tried to hack the windows 7 theme dll’s. Obiviously to make our desktops look better and not some booring old crap.
First go to Boot menu, select advance repairing option then go on command (cmd).
Type in= sfc /scannow (a space is needed after sfc).
Do this twice, once type in and let it repair then restart. Second do it again then restart, thats it.
This is only for windows 7 users.

48 thoughts on “How to repair explorer.exe through repairing procedures(Win 7 only)”

  1. Still problem persists and showing…" Windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation" during scanning. What could be the other reason??

  2. Nabil Majdi says:

    please give m the title of song

  3. sorhar says:

    Easy & useful, thanks a  lot.

  4. What is cm and where is the code come from. ?

  5. Your suggestion is covered in the description..

    The 10:55 video is annoying (watching you type… yawn!) and a waste of time..

  6. Rapimpro CS says:

    thanks bro, it works for me.

  7. Joe Watson says:

    Holy Fuck It worked!!!!! Thank You!

  8. Em-Walkman says:

    Thank you, i really thank you!!! 🙂

  9. Ramunas J says:

    Thats not working for me. Then i enter this comand it says restart windows and run sfc again, after restart i enter same comand and its says same thing, restart and run sfc again

  10. Billy Hope says:

    windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation.

  11. Billy Hope says:

    when i log  in i dont get a message. my taskbar flashes and folders dont open and i have a black desktop. windows 8.1

  12.  Dude did you learned how to type fast but you help us very well and just use a mic. not a microsoft

  13. mhafols says:

    thanks very usefull…..

  14. BlueAngelOP says:

    I can type 10 times the speed than you even on a slow pc =)

  15. You could save everyone a lot of time by just writing the dang document first and then scroll through it later. 7 of these 11 minutes is probably just your slow typing.
    Even better: apply some effort, take the screenshots and show that. Anything but the torture or watching this slow-arse typing!

  16. @5ilikemusic On another computer, lol.

  17. Houdini111 says:

    This probably would help me, IF I COULD EVEN GET TO THE BOOT MENU. Even that won't work!

  18. meloice3 says:


  19. MMODayn says:

    The Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) program provides a graphical interface for accessing the file systems. It starts up the GUI (Graphic User Interface) i.e. the taskbar, start menu, and your desktop. Without the Explorer.exe running properly, nothing on your desktop would work.

    Windows Internet Explorer (iexplorer.exe) is an internet browser, used to view webpages. Other internet browsers you might be familiar with are Firefox, Chrome, Opera… etc.

  20. Sarah says:

    whats the difference?

  21. MMODayn says:

    I see alot of people are confusing "Windows Explorer" and "Windows Internet Explorer"… Two different things.

  22. PCremag says:

    Thank you so much man.Been trying to fix my laptop explorer would flash and not even open.

  23. Pls response to this comment
    my personalization panel said explorer.exe unspecified error pls help me fella,so in my problem i can't make a desktop slide show
    I will subscribe and like if u solve my problem

  24. A J says:


  25. wow!,this really worked,thanks man

  26. Tj presh says:

    You don't need explorer.exe to use a browser

  27. oz_j says:

    see i have the problem when nothing is there and then i launch task manager then click new task then i type explorer and explorer.exe and them it says windows can't find explorer.exe

  28. foxgoupil says:

    All that just for sfc /scannow??!!

  29. Anis Zainal says:

    daaaa.. this is what's happening to me too.. can still use internet.. but still having prob wth explorer..

  30. Whomp says:

    I had a little bit of a different Explorer issue as it was just crashing when trying to get to a certain server at work but this fixed it!


  31. luke wills says:

    Hey there when i go into my Documents or Pictures or Videos or any folders i get an Error "Windows Explorer Has stopped working." then it says "Windows is checking for a solution to fix the problem" Windows restarting" then it Just closes the Folder and it does it nearly everytime im in a folder do you know how i can fix this?

  32. Ak sun says:

    open your browser trhrough task manager and watch the video ..

  33. QueenKeyrona says:

    But would Explorer still pop up in Run?

  34. but i am admin 🙁 it says the same

  35. QueenKeyrona says:

    how would you watch it on the internet if Explorer stopped working???

  36. it didnt work
    in cmd it sais sfc is not a batch file and all that

  37. thank you for posting this vid, im having a problem that when i open any folder my explorer exe goes to 100% cpu usage and ive been trying to repair/replace it and if this works all ill say is that microsoft told me to wipe my comp, so did acer and so did pc world so thanks 😀

  38. @xbaraka11 I already did the 3rd option before u even typed it… But TY anyways man! =)
    BTW it's: "sfc /scannow"

  39. I have a problem… I installed a Win7 theme and it looked really cool. I shut down my pc and go to bed, the other day when i turn on my pc i have a classic them, with the same wallpaper! I right click – Personalize. And the other themes are gray in the box and i cant click them! I go to C – Windows – Resources – themes and double click the aero theme and it says: "This theme can't be applied to desktop" Now im stuck with this ugly theme!!! Hope u can help me man…


  40. when i typed in sfc/scannow for th second time my computer didnt retart automaicaly why is this ?

  41. Well, Techsupportforums suggest doing the same thing, so I'm'a truy this. Hope Explorer.exe stops crashing every 2 minutes….

  42. dude u are a legend thank u so much liked and subscribed

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