Watchs SALE All about watches How to repair portable generator part 1 of 3

How to repair portable generator part 1 of 3

Hi, Guys today i am going to show you how to make portable generator Engine REPAIR.This is a basic how to on troubleshooting the carburetor on a harbor freight or small generator engine.
You may have a problem if bad gas sits in the carburetor a long time or you have dirt in the gas.
Then you will need to take apart the carburetor and clean out the dirt. Portable generators.

Generator won’t start, runs unevenly, or won’t stay running? This video provides information on how a portable generator works and offers troubleshooting tips to assist you in diagnosing and repair.
These all problems are going to fix in this series of videos.

Click here for part 2 of 3:




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35 thoughts on “How to repair portable generator part 1 of 3”

  1. Guy Witscher says:

    I have a tailgater for over a year now and last week no start.
    Did the fuel thing and cleaned the carb just for fun.
    My problem winded up being the coil wire. I had no spark so
    that made sense. Extreme heat must have helped in breaking down the coil for the placement that they have it in.
    I was really surprised that no one else listed this problem online.
    Hope that helps someone else too.
    Brought a new coil wire on Amazon for $8.

  2. Hello, I'm writing from Argentina, my question, how does this type of generator work? What I want to say is that I already disassembled my 2500 w generator from the engine part for combustion, I do not need it, I will manufacture the mechanical part to produce movement, but how can I generate electric current? How does the generator part work? Thank you for your prompt response and greetings from Argentina, sorry for my bad English.

  3. amigo blz tenho um gerador motomil 950 a gasolina ele liga furadeira e motore e não liga lampadas o que pode ser?

  4. Adnan Naseer says:

    Speechless video,,,,,, No use at all 👎👎👎

  5. old model genreter engine full video

  6. Jose Rosales says:

    Can you make video how fix the pr
    Oblem at electric fail to not produce power

  7. dear sir, ive just bought a generator like this one, but the voltage is not stable, it is swinging between 180 and 220, the worse is when i connect it to home, it get worse, knowing I did not make any load on it, i operate about 2 amperes on it

  8. mere paas Hota DJ slim Yogesh powerful generator Ajay 2016 wala kaise banaye

  9. Ed Pontiff says:

    What's with the crapy annoying music , why didn't you just explain what you were doing and why ?

  10. Thor Ng says:

    I need to fix hard pull, jerk back by adjusting valves, but I did not see them in the video. Will you show another video to adjust the valves.

  11. Sabir Malik says:

    भाई इसमें ऑयल नहीं पड़ता क्या क्रेन के अंदर

  12. Automotive overhauling…man…

  13. Serhat Calli says:

    You have the same genator. It was repaired first.
    rotor bobbin 1n5108 are the original diode what.

  14. Serhat Calli says:

    generator not voltage problem rotor diod ? 1n5108 ?

  15. jose tavares says:

    fucking video fucking music

  16. Mal vicho says:

    muchas gracias por el video, es la unica guia de desarme completo

  17. KundaliniKid says:

    Hey if I hook up 110v to the generator coil for a few seconds will that as an electric start for the gas engine?

  18. Marcelo Gd says:

    I have some remarks about yuor disassembly method: You used a sledge hammer and a large screwdriver as a lever to extract the magnetic flyewheel and the crank. It is almost a "capital sin" because you can damage the parts an deform the axle's tips. You must to use an extractor do perform these operations.

  19. Point of correction, How to strip a portable generator part 1 and 2

  20. How much electricity will it produce plzz tell me bro

  21. Real Gear says:

    honda ka old modol grntr b kabi bana k dikhao bhai

  22. teknologji e bukur shum bravo

  23. Musarrat Ali says:

    Can tell you about this ⛽ fuel. I have same gunretor but I don't know how to fuel petrol / diesel or some mixing fuel plesse explain.

  24. Knight Rider says:

    How did you removed back bearing on altenator side.

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