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How to repair Seagate Barracuda LP HDD with a few clicks using DfS tool kit

In this video we demonstrate how to repair a Seagate Barracuda LP 1TB HDD using DfS tool kit. This HDD series give a lot of firmware isues. Some times the issue is the common BSY bug or the 0MB size. However in most cases original problem is related to minor head damage which leads to firmware problems that do not allow the drive to communicate with the computer at all. In such cases we need to restore the firmware issue first and then to use some data recovery software or hardware imager to recover the data. DfS can perform the first while you can easily download some software for the second. However without repairing the firmware issue you have no chance to communicate with the drive.

In this real data recovery case, drive spins up normally and doesn’t make any unusuall sounds. Drive is not recognised by BIOS or OS. Customer said that it comes from a desktop and one morning he turned it on and got no bootable device message.

We will follow a short diagnosis proccess with DfS which you can see on video. We forgot to check heads in the begining because we were sure that it had some minor isue there but we sugest that you do test heads first.
Since drive gives correct info about it’s size etc we assume that this is not wrong size case (0MB) or a common BSY bug. For this reason we will skip the “clear smart” and “correct 0MB size” features and we will only use “Regennerate translator” feature . As you can tell from the video, in this case the issue could be solved with DfS through one click on “regennerate translator” button. The rest proccess is to demonstrate the diagnosis of the drive with DfS toolkit.

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