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How to Replace a Shattered iPhone 6 Screen

A complete video guide to replacing a shattered iPhone 6 screen from start to finish. A replacement display should cost a fraction of having the repair done in store, links to buy replacements have been provided below and typically cost $15 to $35 depending on the quality and supplier. This repair is fairly easy to do and should take you around 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

Make sure you keep all the screws really well organised when removing them so that you know which ones go where. Also be careful with the ribbon cables, they are quite fragile and are easy to tear.

Purchase Links:

White Display & Tool Kit –
Black Display & Tool Kit –
Better Quality Tool kit –

Good luck with the repair and let me know how it goes in the comments section below.

29 thoughts on “How to Replace a Shattered iPhone 6 Screen”

  1. 丫霸China says:

    Very simple video is a governance, normal can not be chip-level repair and replacement of things.

  2. tb says:

    the music is so relaxing!

  3. That was rubbish. Showed all steps leading up to but not actually replacing the screen.

  4. ITZ Jakeyy says:

    Why is the music earape

  5. O ye ye says:

    I just broke my phones screen… fuck

  6. Míra Kutý says:

    why you left pink foil on the lcd?

  7. Calyx L. says:

    Just broke my screen a while im watching this ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. funky ace says:

    wtff is this music, ty for the video but music is so annoying

  9. That horrible 2000s futuristic music 😤

  10. Rayan says:

    bro the music is fucking aids

  11. Tbh every single iphone you see that has an owner has a cracked screen like they are so delicate

  12. Can't do this, I'm selling my 6s

  13. Breelifeofme says:

    So guys I just cracked my phone really really bad and my sister just bought it for me and I’m broke rn so I can’t get a new screen and she’s coming down next week and I can’t let her see it like this she is gonna he so mad she paid 200 for this omg guys what should I do ?😓

  14. Exist says:

    Just 1 question, will it reset your phone? Will it delete everything after changing?

  15. TYB MARR says:

    Do the kit come with the screen?

  16. My phone shattered so hard it won’t even turn on. Swapping to an android. Fuck apple.

  17. John Ruiz says:

    The music is so fucking annoying

  18. Bruh nun of this motherfuckers show how to put the little things on top where the camara goes fuck yll

  19. sup preme says:

    One fuck up and you done 😭

  20. You dumbass idiot didn’t disconnect the battery and now my backlight is messed up)

  21. Can I put a 6s screen onto a 6?

  22. ……or I jus pay £45 to get it fixed…..

  23. Alzzino says:

    this is gonna ruin ur phone dont even try it

  24. ItzRoseyy says:

    I broke my sisters iphone it's any iphone 8 😢

  25. king vlogs says:

    That music is earape reeeeeeee

  26. I can’t get that plate off… there are two screws left!

  27. EntermenT says:

    You know why my screen is broken? because that fucking music

  28. sachin singh says:

    Screen damage comes under warrenty or not

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