Watchs SALE All about watches how to test and repair motorcycle CDI electronic ignition module coil system spark failure parody

how to test and repair motorcycle CDI electronic ignition module coil system spark failure parody

In this video, I show you how to test and resolve Handa CID box module and coil issues related to an electronic ignition system spark failure. Sometimes it best of just upgrade to a more modern system. After riding this a bit more, Jake might want to convert it to a café racer or brat style custom bike – bad ass !

Video skits and parodies are for entertainment purposes only.

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46 thoughts on “how to test and repair motorcycle CDI electronic ignition module coil system spark failure parody”

  1. wilsan brito says:

    Also have a Honda Cm450. I would like to know if do you have any part number for the bosch CDI or a link to where can I purchase one? Been searching to ebay and can't find to see a bosch cdi fit for the cm400/450.

  2. Bad so says:

    I like yr test light how does it work ?

  3. Haha this was very informative, that bag of weed in the background could have contributed to getting er done ??hahaha all turned out great in the end ,, 👍

  4. is there any link on the part number from the bosch part?

  5. K Kenason says:

    Back to points? Why not substitute another CDI box ? It is possible I have done it ! Just need to do a little research for a donor and a plug

  6. his videos are about as useful as harvey spooners

  7. James Hall says:

    Holy shit is this for real?

  8. Zul Zul says:

    tool no enought…stupit video..

  9. San po kau mah alm na mabbilhan nyan

  10. Hien Hoang says:

    Mine did the same thing. Died while riding. Won't crank, just click. Tested stator, rectifier/regulator, ignition coils, ignition pulse generator. All were good. Only thing I can think to be the problem is the CDI.

  11. Tonyv1951 says:

    Arrrghhhhhh !!! Did you REALLY use vice grips to loosen and tighten the 8mm bolts in the left hand case of the engine? REALLY???? Please stay away from my bikes.

  12. Brian R says:

    How do you get the light bulb to light up when testing power? Doesn’t look like yr holding it to an actual ground and a power like a normal test light? Yr just holding it near a power and if power is present on the circuit the bulb lights? How?

  13. Fabiano Dias says:

    Estou precisando d umligacao simples para dr650

  14. Make sure you dont heat the cdi box too hot.

    Lights box on fire.

  15. So on my 1980 xt250 Yamaha doesn't have any spark do you think that would work for it

  16. Can you tell me what the name of the part is that you use to bypass it with please

  17. Doug Lukings says:

    Wtf lol…. not how id do it l

  18. jim connors says:

    bosch modern electric systems LOL a set of points

  19. jim connors says:

    don't think i will try that out…whats with the thumb on the plug @ 4.18 ?he should have got an electric shock

  20. You need to come to Indonesia then i will teach you how to modify it with cheaper CDI but you can still get a good result.
    This old motor bike is so easy to modify if you are in Indonesia, we did it many time just because so many customer come to the workshop but they still love this old motor bike so much then the new one.

  21. bishop says:

    First call the nearest fire dept. In your area haha

  22. Hey! Is the CDI in these old hondas DC or AC? Thanks so so much!!!

  23. wait a minute ,, gas ran down my leg and cought my dick on fire

  24. instructions werent very clear , my dog got stuck in the microwave

  25. Josh Martin says:

    So this can de done to eliminate a cdi/ecu box on my 82 gs550

  26. Amazing the guy can fix anything with a broken screwdriver and a small pair of vise grips! 🙂

  27. Ferry554 says:

    Very helpfull Video, 2:16 Made me laugh XD

  28. dozerblade says:

    state of the art tools

  29. it's probably an induction test lamp.

  30. gotta say, some of us want to believe this works.
    however , he won't give details on the product.
    how do we know he didn't redo everything with another cdi?

  31. Kyle Harless says:

    Where can I get one of those premium screwdrivers?

  32. Tengin O says:

    will this work on my 83 honda sadow 750 it has two cdi ignition boxs though

  33. Dok No See says:

    Bad ass, nice video.. gracias senor.

  34. West L says:

    It would have been helpful to see where the wires from the new module went.

  35. halleffect1 says:

    title suggests you repaired the CDI. not even close.

  36. will this bosch electronic cdi conversion kit work on my cm400a 1979 hondamatic and where can i get one email me at (

  37. I Need someone for my Honda Rebel cmx 250. Can you help me to find the right System?

  38. Hello what you did with bulb. I don't get your act please tell me

  39. Brilliant! Brightened up my afternoon no end. Thanks!

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