Watchs SALE All about watches I Made a FAN Powered Military Hovercraft! – Scrap Mechanic Creations! – Episode 185

I Made a FAN Powered Military Hovercraft! – Scrap Mechanic Creations! – Episode 185

A military hovercraft that uses the power of fans!

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Hello and welcome back to ENDLESS SCRAP MECHANIC!

In today’s episode of Scrap Mechanic Creations! we’ll be checking out a hovercraft that uses the fan mod to hover and also move!

Fan Powered Hovercraft
Mini Helicarrier


Scrap Mechanic
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As always, thanks for watching and see you in the next one!

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41 thoughts on “I Made a FAN Powered Military Hovercraft! – Scrap Mechanic Creations! – Episode 185”

  1. Wayne Usie says:

    do a hover car using fans

  2. banan man says:

    Make a drone i am surprised you haven’t made it yet

  3. canaweed cw says:

    Can you build a military f-35 and your build are amasing

  4. I saw thrusters in the bottom when you tipped over, you lied to us, you were using thruster power too!

  5. Nathflix says:

    This video has BLOWN me away

  6. YooZherName says:

    Love comparing the use of stationary fans in the skydiving room/wind tunnel vs this for motion. Very creative and very cool!

  7. Bob man :3 says:

    Rip old hover craft :’(

  8. Bob man :3 says:

    LCAC military transport hover craft
    Deployed out the back of battle ships and ports
    Can go on water to

  9. Bob man :3 says:

    Munbo you’ve already made 2 videos to day!

  10. Dakota Lewis says:

    Can you use your fps rig for multiplayer Monday but try to delag it

  11. Cakeman 435 says:

    Build a fan powerd engine

  12. Im not a big Fan of Fan -ficts (I actually don't really know what they are) but I know some people on YouTube who do them… (I needed to do more Fan puns… Plz don't Pun -ish me… That wouldn't be very egg -citing)

  13. I guess you can say your Fan-boying over the mod

  14. Sepecula says:

    wow this is really cool

  15. Like number 1 thousand

  16. Hero Snowman says:

    You need new intro

  17. can i get a shout out pls

  18. Boy Perfect says:

    LOL i think the hovercraft flying hahhaha

  19. Mr. Monkeyy says:

    Please build a vertical starting MILITARYJET!!!

  20. Luka Mtc says:

    you really like using fans these days… they are kinda cool tho, keep it up

  21. Pirie life says:

    Please can you subscribe to my YouTube channel

  22. Pirie life says:

    I saw the last vid and new you would make a drone like thing and nice vid👊

  23. sasassin123 says:

    at the first three seconds of the vid it reminded me of some on land boat lol

  24. Amish Patel says:

    Im a big fan of this

  25. Landyn J says:

    Wow this is sooo cool! make a fan powered train mabey!

  26. rickard1200 says:

    Hey Moonbo! It’s everybody here!

  27. Max Machac says:

    Make a fan powered plane.. somehow

  28. Max Machac says:

    Now thats cool! Gr8 creation!

  29. Ed Yorkie says:

    Hello live ur vids please shoutout

  30. When more RIG 2.0 vids

  31. PvP and Me says:

    great job moonbo you did it again

  32. Jack de Ath says:

    And the first comment

  33. Jack de Ath says:

    I was the first like

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