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IBM PCjr Repair and Restoration

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In this episode I restore an IBM PCjr back to original condition, and repair a faulty monitor that was damaged in shipping.

46 thoughts on “IBM PCjr Repair and Restoration”

  1. Yo tenía una a mis 12 años. En Venezuela. Con joistick y BASIC and some game cartridges. What a good times 😊😌

  2. brickson98 says:

    So whacking the monitor was an effective solution lmao

  3. Yakuza Ali says:

    Good old 90's tricks Wack Wack !!!

  4. 1 hour am watch your video

  5. Robb 95 says:

    I repaired an IBM ps/1 model 2011 for a bad PSU in the CRT. Kind of weird how the monitor power supply would also power the system. Worked out in the end though.

  6. Hey David, can't you remove that terrible high pitched whine noise that I hear, it hurts my ears.

  7. JBoy Advance says:

    Great video! Fun and educational. Keep it up!

  8. CJWarlock says:

    As always, excellent video. And a good music in the background. Thanks for the interesting entertainment. 🙂

  9. Shane Martin says:

    Love these restoration videos!

  10. misled1982 says:

    Question…why you dont use those magic eraser sponges from Mr Clean? they removed everything! And those can help you clean faster!

  11. When the shipments break the equipment, they are literally giving you content 😂

  12. IBM advertised the PCjr keyboard as one that could be washed in the top rack of a dishwasher

  13. Oink playz says:

    I can’t here the whine ever because I’m so used to my old rca tv in my basement now I can barely here the noice of that tv

  14. Chris Y'Boy says:

    No reinforcement on the damaged PCB? That's going to fail again pretty soon.

    Also, paper-clip to repair a trace? Really? There's probably a rusty old staple or a used hypodermic needle somewhere you could have used instead!

  15. Tom Turnbull says:

    I can't hear the whine either but I'm 68

  16. Tom Turnbull says:

    After your comment I nipped along and subscribed to
    TX Dj

  17. It's so interesting! Especially the electronic part! Great!

  18. Staci Elaan says:

    I <3 the IBM PCjr and your channel. I grew up in an IBM town so everyone got the PCjr with their (at the time) generous employee discount on select IBM products. I loved the machine for the 16 color 320×240 modes which the cartridge Advanced Basic supported. Old hardware is my secret guilty pleasure.

  19. I never had issues with high pitched whine from CRT's I find it entices the experience.

  20. please. how can I repair the membranes of an amstrad 464 + plus keyboard

  21. hey we got high voltage

  22. TobyFN says:

    when he fixed the crt i would have wwent outside so the play buttons weren't Destroyed cuz if their destroyed there is a 000000.1% u will get a new one

  23. Beau Dixon says:

    i never heard the noise

  24. MrShanghai34 says:

    I'd rather watch this than watch Duke and Auburn…

  25. THANK YOU! for this video. The PCjr was my first computer back in 1986. The keyboard you have is the second for the PCjr, it shipped with a chicklet keyboard and the one you have was a free replacement from IBM because so many people complained about the chicklet version.

    I wish I still had my PCjr, by the time I was done mine had a Raccore Drive 2 with 512Kb of RAM 2 5.35" floppies, The Voice Card, Power Expansion Card, Mouse Card, and a 20MB RLL Hard Drive. I also had the PCEnterprises jrExcellerator which replaced the processor with a V20 running at 9Mhz. I can;'t wait to watch your documentary on the PCjr.

  26. cb meeks says:

    Maybe people should stop "whining" about the high-pitched whine. 🙂 Bunch of whiners.

  27. Isaac Wright says:

    In you video "Are apple iBooks collectors items yet?" from 2015 when you said "If you have a Hewlett-Packard, a Dell, an IBM, a Compaq or a Packard Bell. Those things will probably never become quite collectible. Now I can't guarantee it but they parobably won't". Actually, Windows 3.1 Packard Bells, Windows 95 regardless of OEM, and Windows XP Dells on eBay and Amazon are collectible in 2018 now. Please do a video on it now in 2018.

  28. "percussion repair" technique

  29. David, you should make a series for restoration and a series for the history of computers on Netflix!

  30. yogibear2k10 says:

    I know, it's a bummer getting old! My 48 year old ears cannot hear it either. Oh the joys of youth!

  31. Ahhh, thats why it didn't have that "EEEEEEEEERRRRR!" kinda sound. I just thought it was not working properly 😀

  32. Muttley says:

    Was that a technical thump at 1:11 ?

  33. vadim negru says:

    You can use spectrogram to look for hi pitch crt tones

  34. "I'm using a very high tech tool here it's called a pocket knife" lmao

  35. Sven Curly says:

    "it's high voltage!"….pick, pick, pick…. 😀

  36. this look like and odd question, but what kind of camera and microphone did you use?

  37. Jeremy Kirby says:

    Hi 8-Bit Guy, I have been watching your restoration videos lately. They are very interesting and entertaining! I have been a Commodore 64 fan for many years. I just watched your IBM PCjr restoration video. Have you tried using a Magic Eraser
    to remove scuffs? I have done some plastic restoration on other projects and it does well as long as there is no print on the piece. Also I have had great success with silicone spray with small black scuffs as well as removing bubble gum. Keep up the great work!

  38. MaximRecoil says:

    That's not the best way to repair a broken trace caused by a crack in the PCB. The best way to do it is to solder a flexible jumper wire to two pads that the trace connects to. That way, if the board flexes along that crack again (which is a weak point, obviously), it won't stress the repair.

  39. jmm1233 says:

    Thats some fancy bridging 😀

  40. I dont care of the sound i like it anyway

  41. Why does UV light cause a computer's plastic skin to change color anyway?

  42. BLACKAXEL 2 says:

    You are paid more for paper

  43. Tim Brown says:

    Amy Pond: "There's a crack in my board."

  44. I have an idea that should let you hear and eliminate the CRT whine:
    Take an audio recording of the CRT by itself, then record whatever you need to with the CRT running, and then lower the pitch and speed of the audio to where you can hear it. For eliminating it, you could use something like Audacity's noise cancellation with the noise profile of the CRT whine itself. It should get rid of the whine, and you'd be able to hear a low pitched version of it without it. Once you're done with that, you can speed the audio back up to its original rate.

  45. Graveskull says:

    So… the monitor is like the TV in the episode of regular show where they fight the hammer

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