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If You Want to Repair Rust on Your Car, Don’t Do This

Rust repair and removal. If You Want to Repair Rust on Your Car, Don’t Do This, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. How to repair rust on a car. How to fix rust. How to remove rust from car. How to repair rust holes on a truck. How to repair rust holes on a car. Can rust be repaired without welding? Can car rust be repaired or not? Repairing rust on your car is something that should be done quickly to prevent it from spreading. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.

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45 thoughts on “If You Want to Repair Rust on Your Car, Don’t Do This”

  1. ⬇️Things used in this video:
    1. Rust Protection Paint:
    2. Common Sense
    3. 4k Camera:
    4. Camera Microphone:
    5. Camera Tripod:
    6. My computer for editing / uploading:
    7. Video editing software:
    8. Thumbnail software:

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    This was an excerpt from one of my Live Car Talk shows where I answer your car questions Live. If you enjoyed it, every Thursday at 1 pm CST and Saturday 10 am CST I live stream and answer your questions!

  2. D C says:

    Question. I have a 1997 F-150, I got it in 1999 @21,000 miles. I’ve always kept him maintained oil etc. he drives like a new truck n excellent gas mileage. But the cruise control went out. How much would that cost or should I just grin n bare it? Thanks debs from Texas

  3. bitethedevil says:

    I've seen a lot of newer cars rusting out already. Some less than four or five years old so I think rustproofing like Ziebart is a good investment if you're planning on keeping it for years or hoping for higher resale price.

  4. Dave Gee says:

    Just why the hell don’t you have a show, so many garbage shows on TV yet I find myself watching your videos everyday 👍🍻👊🏻

  5. deadartapart says:

    Scotty G37 aftermarket power steering hose is $70….

  6. Oggy says:

    2:12 Barra 4.0 Turbo! yeah baby:-)))

  7. "Go the junk yard" *Shows image of mercedes dealership*😂

  8. Mike Miller says:

    Hahaha! That’s what you get for asking a gas mechanics a diesel mechanic question. Don’t do that! You get bad information every single time! Keep your questions for diesels directed to a diesel mechanic. There IS a difference.

  9. enthros says:

    scotty find me a truck manuel shift ofcourse , well have you check it out, then take you and wife out to dinner? find good one ill fly out and drive it  back

  10. Why dont you mention rust converter as good advice. Its incredible stuff.

  11. I've been cooling down turbos ever since.. But since Scotty says there's no need.. instinct tells me no. Lol

  12. If we take all generations of Honda CR-V and all generations of Toyota RAV4, was Honda at any time better then the RAV4?

  13. Number Two says:

    Automatic transmissions seem to be one of the weakest points on cars.

    The manufacturers want to engineer them as cheaply as possible, and the end result is a transmission built to last only for a few years.

  14. Whats with the skipping video?

  15. Lee Centner says:

    I had bought a new turbo Trans Am in 1980. There was a sticker on the radiator cover that said if you were at freeway speeds that a one minute cool down was required prior to turning off the engine. It also had a heat shield on the underside of the hood to prevent the turbo from baking off your paint.

  16. Some guy sideswiped me 10 years ago, and the rust never spread

  17. Fred R says:

    Scotty, I drive for a limousine company. They own an 18 passenger H2 Hummer. I'm told the power steering on it isn't powerful enough to turn thewheels at a standstill and it needs to be driven like the old standard steering built before power steering was common. You steer only when the
    car is moving. I've driven it and it's true. Yes, it's a stretch and it's very heavy, the tires are really (manly looking) BIG. I know this is a custom built
    vehicle so, I was wondering if you know how it can be upgraded to steer as a power steering vehicle? I do realize this may be a "stretch" to answer.

  18. Chef planes says:

    Hey Scotty looking to buy a 1999 Jeep Chatokee XJ, found a few deal but most of them have over 120k miles on them. I’ve been told those amc 4.0 inline 6 engines live forever, what should look out for?

  19. John Kohlman says:

    you don't repair rust, you remove it.

  20. Have to disagree with "once rust start it never stops". I have 25 year old car which is originally from Chicago. It had small spots of rust when I bought in California 16 years ago. The rust spots (which was never repaired) stayed exactly same. Rust doesn't grow if there is no salt and humidity. This Chicago car will run forever unlike it's brothers which stayed in Chicago and become just pile of rust by now

  21. padre pio says:

    Basarabia pamant romanesc :))

  22. Seth says:

    So how can I submit a question on this channel?

  23. roadstar499 says:

    depending on the amount of rust and the way you repair it…also if you live in a dry area verses up north where theres a lot of salt… some repairs hold up very well and last years imo…

  24. Between your wobbly head, your hands all over the place like an Italian and your images, way too may, your videos are becoming very hard to watch.

  25. just a vet says:

    You're a me mechanic, not a body man. Leave it to the pros or else the rust will bubble right through your fresh paint a few months later.

  26. john stidman says:

    Hello Scotty. I have replaced the rear main seal on my 95 lexus 3.0 . I t still leaks form the R.M.S. I find a greasy spot on the floor after I park it. I don't see it leaking when it's running. It seems to run good, but since I've never ridden in a Lexus, I have no point of reference to make a good judgement. I bought this car from a neighbor, had to get it running

  27. 0:51 "giant little lake of paint"

  28. Scotty you are a Mechanic. Leave the Auto Body to Bodymen.
    – P. S. Please make more full videos. Enjoy the Q&A, But I like getting advice from you in your backyard more.

  29. Kyle Gibson says:

    Use phosphoric acid to convert the rust into ferric phosphate, then apply your undercoating paint.

  30. 903eri says:

    Does he even fix cars anymore?

  31. ivan loar says:

    You're the best…but where did you get that great cat pillow!

  32. ivanoffw says:

    I let my engine in my turbo car cool down in park for 60 minutes to let the oil cool down so it doesn't get burnt an shorten the life of the oil.

  33. Hey Scotty Im looking at a 1990-1997 Ford panther body car, can you please give me some advice and insight on whether these are good cars ? There are many in my area for 500-1000$

  34. Tried a rust conversion product on a bumper (impact bar), read good articles about it from a few years ago and best thing is it's dirt cheap per ounce. The company had since the article been bought by Rusto(something or another) who makes a competing product that is very, very pricey. The rust converter was supposed to convert lightly rusted metal to a black iron substance on the surface and protect the metal from further corrosion. This stuff, made the surface rust corrode further, like those products people buy to weather new metal and make it old and rusty looking. When it didn't seem to work after the first pass, I did a second treatment. Now going to have to buy new.

  35. james norse says:

    Canada uses Krown product wax oil rust proof every season no rust

  36. Zak6959 says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way, you are my porn. LOL

  37. Joe Cruze says:

    Amazing editing skills.

  38. This guy gets so much heat lol

  39. They do not make steel like they used to. In the 1960s and 1950s and 1940s the steels being manufactured, the new family of high quality plain carbon steels, when they rust it is more like an extremely thin tarnish under certain conditions but most of them can be used for marine coastal conditions and naval construction (with some additional alloying conditions) that when an entire piece is covered with that ultra thin violet-black colored rust covery "IT SIMPLY STOPS RUSTING IN IT'S TRACKS ALL BY ITSELF JUST LIKE ONE OF THOSE MARINE GRADE WEATHERING STEELS DEVELOPED IN JAPAN IN THE EARLY YEARS PASS 2000. One must ask, why they did not make it mandatory by law to make it part of the building codes in all industries and in the manufacturing of steel using products is beyond me.

  40. Yes ford is good watch that output shaft on 5speed. Don't like the hydrolic clutch.

  41. Wow, 20 videos from one live video with only light answering of

  42. GN GRAPHICS says:

    Scotty, why do you wear sunglasses indoors?

  43. its not the turbo that is cooled down, its just the bearing/shaft thats gets cooled. i would let that heat dissipate

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