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Inductor Max repair

In this video I repair an Inductor max for the body shop. This is the second time repairing it because someone has run it at full power for too long overheating it and blowing the transistor. Its a fairly easy fix just swapping components and its back up and working. Its much more cost effective repairing some things, in this case a new inductor was $1600+ and this replacement transistor was $1.00.

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7 thoughts on “Inductor Max repair”

  1. MNpicker says:

    I want a big one… for forging knives 😎

  2. 2 grand for that thing… were in the wrong business.

  3. Doug Sweener says:

    Great how to video keep up brother #smallengination 4life

  4. I recommend using thermal paste for gaming computers like Arctic silver 5 it will run cooler and last longer. The old dry stuff doesn't do it's job anymore once it's hard n crusty like that. Thanks for letting me hangout with you again bud✌

  5. This might be a stupid question but how does it work?

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