Watchs SALE All about watches Inside the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. Tear Down, Fix, and Repair.

Inside the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. Tear Down, Fix, and Repair.

Get the watch cheap from Amazon:
SM-v700 LCD is here:
SM-v700 Glass only is here:
Let me know if these links stop working!
Smart Phone Tool Kit from Amazon:

Let me know if that link stops working.

Let me know if you need any replacement parts in the comments below! I will link them here.

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This is the brand new smart watch from Samsung, with the 2.2 megapixel camera built right into the wrist band you can take 10 second videos right from your watch. Take calls directly from your wrist. This video shows how to take apart the watch and replace certain components. Such as the camera connector, the screen, the charging dock, and the battery. If you need anything specific let me know in the comments below.

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25 thoughts on “Inside the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. Tear Down, Fix, and Repair.”

  1. Please show what inside in LF07 smart watch

  2. The Master says:

    the screwdriver is a torx 6 guys and video is decent ..waiting on battery to do this myself buy the battery from amazon

  3. Angel Tomas says:

    Wait, this doesn't sound right…. /Checks channel name/ … /Amazed/

  4. horizonsfan says:

    Awesome video – I just breathed new life into my original Gear by adding a new battery. The trick is to have a good set of screwdrivers for the really small screws. Thanks!

  5. Your audio track is only one the right side. On the left is static.

  6. Fay Whiting says:

    Where can I buy the tools?

  7. fasho412 says:

    What about the speaker at the snap on the watch band

  8. How you disassemble the metallic part of galaxy gear? Can you do a video where you disassemble it?

  9. MIan iSRAR says:

    Sir I can buy lcd of galaxy gear sm – v700 please help me–

  10. Jason Shaw says:

    Can you please do a Samsung Gear S3

  11. HI GUYS says:

    this should be in ur playlist

  12. Can you plz do one for the gear s3??

  13. ANMOL M says:

    Hy jerry, can we remove the polarized sheet from this watch. Plz make a video on it

  14. i have a used s3 gear and i cant login with my Samsung user name after i reset the watch , do you have any idea what can i do beacons i cant reach the first owner of the watch anymore ?

  15. Rick Ferko says:

    Bought a new battery on Amazon, was able to install it because of your video, and  now the Dead Gear watch is working like new again !
    Thanks for your most helpful, wouldn't have been able to do it without it !

  16. Rick Ferko says:

    Great video. Nice & slow, very informative , one of the best I've ever viewed on YouTube, keep up the good work. And most of all "Thank You".

  17. tolga erok says:

    Awesome. Needed this to reset the bios for it to recharge

  18. Ng Anshem says:

    my samsung gear band the locking part have breakoff (with holes), the other band is ok, i cant find a replacement band for my samsung gear in any websites.Do anyone have any suggestion..please

  19. thanks for video, but SM-v700 LCD and SM-v700 Glass links are stops working. please check

  20. DERLY Mc says:

    thanks for the video bud, just did mines .

  21. hi I have this watch but it's camera doesn't working please say what I do

  22. David Smith says:

    If my WiFi isn't working on the watch do I need to replace the motherboard?

  23. Thank you! Could not get my watch to charge and watched your video…got mine open but then actually closed it back up cause I was being a wuss about taking it apart, then decided to try it and it actually worked!
    Your video is very well done at showing each step.

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