Watchs SALE All about watches INTENSE Pole Climbing Machine Challenge! (Very Emotional) – Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday

INTENSE Pole Climbing Machine Challenge! (Very Emotional) – Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday

Welcome to another episode of Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday! Today we are doing the pole climbing challenge! We have to build a machine capable of climbing up the giant poles without the use of thrusters, glitches, or even wheels! It has to be all done by grasping and pulling, you know, like climbing. This was a crazy rollercoaster of performance when it came to our different creations, so definitely watch till the end!

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Scrap Mechanic is a multiplayer sandbox game with imagination and ingenuity at its core. Create fantastic machines, transforming vehicles or sneaky traps. The possibilities are endless with Scrap Mechanics powerful tools.

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34 thoughts on “INTENSE Pole Climbing Machine Challenge! (Very Emotional) – Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday”

  1. Can you do a Beyblade battle? Start by making a arena. Then customize a Beyblade with spudguns

  2. I though he was meming and was going to give up with the music

  3. darn it, I was waiting for Moonbo to upload because I mainly watch his videos for SMMM but on other topics, I watch you guys! except for Durf cause, his new and I got introduced to you guys by Camodo when I start watching him and Moonbo became my favourite but turns out Moonbo isn't here today 🙁

  4. Augusto Wang says:

    Pink is always the solution!

  5. I’ve Ben watching you for a long time before I watched camodo intell the rocket sled vidio

  6. Shmurfle says:

    "That looks very easy and safe"
    -Scrapman 2019, as Durf falls off a pole

  7. scrapman: its good in theory
    comunism: (slow tear drips down cheak)

  8. Bla Fu says:

    Well, if all goes wrong you still could apply for pole dancing.

  9. Scrap man you need to do drone races : set up a course of rings higher and lower than each other the drones need separate cockpits like on a tall building

  10. i’ve seen this challenge done at strip clubs

  11. Marc Jickain says:

    Can anyone tell me whats title of the music on 8:43

  12. Elijah says:

    do a destructible spud beyblade battle royale

  13. Elijah says:

    do a bomb dominoes challenge where you have to race the chain reaction of bombs

  14. Dude Random says:

    why is it "(Very Emotional)"?

  15. Dude Random says:

    he looks like Captain Sauce

  16. Why is everything pink u don't paint anymore

  17. Jamie LIU says:

    You guys are very bad at acting 🙂

  18. Do Scrap mecanick Tabs pls (sorry for bad english i am filipino

  19. No Anime says:

    This is so sad. I cri evri tiem.

  20. when you thought you build a bad vehicle you feel horrible embarrasing but you didnt realize that.. that build

    will lead you to victory when somemone stood up and supports you to not give up and ended up having world record and 1st place… LIKE THIS IF YOU GOT EMOTIONAL

  21. Aram Belian says:

    This was super inspirational. I am literally shaking and crying rn.

  22. Alex K says:

    It's like John Henry vs the Steam Drill.

  23. You should make video on more quick builds I haven’t seen those in a while btw my real name is monti love your vids bro I watch your vids before the face cam

  24. I kinda thought someone would do a wheel based vehicle.

  25. Bleon Bliss says:

    Why not just do a completely automatic challenge? Like a race or a sumo Tory or something else interesting

  26. Aadenn Simon says:

    OmG the comeback tho

  27. Mixup 221 says:

    Omg I thought it said intense pole dancing challenge

  28. Monkey bars free for all
    Vehicles must be able to traverse a grid-like monkey bars thing from below and destroy the other people with spud guns or something.

  29. Anime says:

    Perfect example of "Never Give Up"

  30. killerstk35 says:

    I love your choice of soundtracks and you Multi monday videos (whats the soundtrack u used when u started building?)

  31. Justin Lee says:

    0:14 are 3 gay pole dancers

  32. Justin Lee says:

    0:17 are 3 gay pole dancers

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