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iPhone DRY ICE Screen Repair!! ‘Glass Only’

‘Just the Glass’ repairs are tempting because they usually cost less than 10 dollars…. Which is just the price of the piece of glass and LOCA glue. THIS PROCESS WILL NOT WORK FOR SAMSUNGS – the glue is different.

Normally when a repair technician attempts a ‘glass only’ screen repair on an iPhone 4, 5 or 6. They have to use super expensive equipment, OR get a heat gun and try not to burn their fingers while they remove the glass on 200 degree iPhone part.

Luckily you can work with dry ice at the opposite end of the temperature spectrum with the same (if not better) results! Dry ice can remove the glass on your iPhone faster and safer than extreme heat!

HERE is the iPhone 6 GLASS ONLY video at 8:20:

Here is the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c, GLASS ONLY video at 4:00:

Check your sanity levels before attempting this repair!

The current price of FULL iPhone 5 screens:

The current price of FULL iPhone 6 screens:


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48 thoughts on “iPhone DRY ICE Screen Repair!! ‘Glass Only’”

  1. Does the dry ice method work with any type of phone?

  2. Guest House says:

    use a pair of gloves you fucking bald jesus

  3. Robb Keane says:

    I think this method is best for amoled/oled panel, because there is no backlight layer. Did u check backlight layer after?

  4. nambinhvu says:

    You didn't mention condensation from the air will make your phone screen wet. Lol

  5. no offense but you need phone repair tools !!!!

  6. Will this work on a galaxy s7 edge and will it harm the amoled? Thanks to Jerry we know that the amoled doesn't like to be heated up.

  7. Would this work on a samsung Galaxy s8 plus?

  8. Jeremy Coody says:

    So this wouldn't work on a galaxy s8?

  9. If I put it in the freezer, does it affect something? Will it work?

  10. if someone needs dry ice in Pakistan contact 03334314220

  11. after that you must to replace backlight. Reflection films will have dots and stripes on white colour. Cheer
    Subscribe me) Good chanel. I have got a lot of expirience in glass replacement

  12. Nah Itu Dia says:

    translate indonesian langguae

  13. Olá Jarry!
    Muito legal esse tipo de separação vidro/lcd. Aqui no Brasil é retirado por calor.

  14. Why won't this work with the Samsung s7 edge? Just wondering as I am trying to find a way to fix the front glass. Will it damage the amoled screen?

  15. The better besides buy the digitiser and the glass all together is buying it and attempting this repair. If success in this use you repaired one if failed buy the new LCD and use it

  16. Jerry sir thanks for your solution am really need this one you give me best solution to for Samsung lcd

  17. saurabh ** says:

    Liquid nitrogen….

  18. Anking Yu says:

    I like the old intro better

  19. My MI6 it heats up Below, where is the type C connector, what happens?

  20. MrHusni90 says:

    mate, the best narrative video ever. legend !

  21. Bless you! Great video! A few questions: 1. Can this work for ANY phone with a broken screen or only certain types of screens? 2. Can tempered protective glass be used? 3. Can I use latex gloves to protect my hands with the dry ice or will it freeze and crumble? (Sorry if the questions are ignorant, but I have never handled dry ice before).

  22. LPDDR5 Hack says:

    How much Celcius to freeze the glass ? Can I do it with house refrigerator?

  23. Have you ever seen this done on a note 8?

  24. Cool method. You got me at the jerry rig all the things meme part though. Lol. Subbed.

  25. Johnny j59 says:

    Can this process work on the samsung s8

  26. Avi Mane says:

    Sir am from India plz 7 edge s vidio

  27. "Hit that thumbs up if you enjoy oxygen" lol that was awesome xD 😂😂

  28. Algird Sova says:

    Is he really putting his fingers on a razor blade??

  29. Colin Ries says:

    Why would a LN2 machine only achieve -140°C went liquid nitrogen itself is -196°C?

  30. I did this with a heat gun and got it on the first try

  31. Adii S says:

    Does it work on Samsung S8?

  32. AARON GAMER says:


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