Watchs SALE All about watches Is new iMac trash?

Is new iMac trash?

In 2006, Apple sprung for a 7200 RPM drive.

In 2019… 5400 RPM.

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42 thoughts on “Is new iMac trash?”

  1. Ian Robinson says:

    Apple no longer think the customer is important enough. You get what we give you now fk off, seems to be their new tagline.

  2. zumszum says:

    Wait, maybe there are 10 drives in a RAID 0 configuration giving you a lightning fast i/o rates and an excellent user experience? Just kidding, apple sucks.

  3. Looks like a marketing strategy to push people to buy an up-to-date computer more expensive than it should be. thinking that people is no going to be disloyal and change brands

  4. Apple II Gs was the last Mac maybe worth the price. Ive always called them the Gucci of computing way too expensive for the added value… artsy popculture, sucker magnet, status symbol geek toy… not for the true nerds.

  5. Hey I see it as a good thing bye bye Apple 👋😂

  6. Today I bought a Toshiba SSD (non nVME) that's 240 GB for 30€ in Germany, and a Hitachi HDD 3 TB that's 7200 RPM for 60. This storage solution costs 90 to 100$ and is vastly superior both in speed and capacity to that iMac. My entire build (including the screen and peripherals) costs 600$, and I have a way better storage than a 1300$ iMac.

  7. Vic Canada says:

    NOT the PCs.. you mean the older Laptops(beggining of the video… PCs arent portable and ubviously dont need any batteries lol except the tiny ones on the motherboards :-P)

  8. Apple is great.. Wait, Apple was great, that's what I wanted to say.
    After my Macbook Pro stops working – no more Apple products for me.

  9. Hahah the t2 chip will cut file transfer from external drive, and place us with a a couple of USB c port only, so that u will need to buy dongles…Apple has really gone against Steve jobs direction…if people pay for the usability of the device , it should not be nerf to a point where its just non usable experience…that’s why an older Mac is worth more in the pocket that these new ones…

  10. mjmonjure says:

    Good point, but you spend 9 min saying basically the same thing over and over, can't upgrade HDD/SSD in a new iMAC without risk of breaking screen.

  11. Most professional photographers I know are ditching their Apples because of removing "outdated" peripheral ports.

  12. Timothy Lowe says:

    I’m that customer, I want a snappy experience, no viruses and it just works. I’m currently trying to figure out how to hack a base config new iMac with third party nvme drive and ram. Mind boggling really.

  13. I was waiting for the iMac refresh in order to upgrade my 2012 iMac which is starting to show its age (i7-3770, 32 GB RAM, GTX 680MX, 1 TB Fusion Drive). I could get away with the i5-9600K on the top-end 27" iMac paired with the Vega 48, 512 GB SSD, and self-upgrade to 32 GB RAM, but that's already over $3,000.
    I can build a Hackintosh with an i9-9900K, 32 GB RAM, a Vega 56, a 1 TB NVMe SSD, and an equal or near-equal quality 27" monitor for not much more than $2,000.
    Even a nicely equipped Mac Mini (i7-8700K, 512 GB SSD, self-upgrade to 32 GB RAM, and a Vega 56 in an eGPU enclosure) combined with a nice 27" monitor is a much better value than the new iMac. And I hate to even think about how hot an i9-9900K iMac would run with the current cooling system. So disappointing.

  14. sl0re10 says:

    they almost crashed on the rocks when Steve Jobs left way back when. Going to happen again.

  15. PPM says:

    It's sounds like Apple's standards went down somewhere between 2010 and 2012. I wonder what happened.

  16. Xenos says:

    Apple is dying!

  17. 110Euro evo 970 512GB (one of the fastest ssd in the world).
    450Euro i7-9700K (One of the fastest CPU)

  18. Mr. Rossman, can you do a video of what other computers you would recommend compared to Apple computers? Thanks.

  19. tmh462 says:

    Okay, I'm going to comment again, and make sure I use correct punctuation and spelling, after somebody else took issue with how I didn't use a capital letter where they thought I should.
    I recently got rid of my wife's i Mac with the 5400 spinning hard drive, and got a new Mac Mini with SSD. The new i Mac was horrible.
    Disclaimer Any punctuation, spelling, and capitalization errors are exclusively the responsibility of my browser's spelling check function.

  20. 4mb127 says:

    That's a bad joke. I would ask what are they thinking, but they probably aren't.

  21. I have a 2014 Mac Mini and since changing its HDD to a SDD 1GB drive from Crucial, it is like chalk and cheese – so much faster to boot and open apps. Never get a HDD.

  22. Kitt Parker says:

    5400 RPM is a joke. When I was in the military, would get constant complaints about seemingly random slow performance from buddies. Always turned out to be that 5400 rpm hard drive that laptops always had in them. Sorry buddy, whenever your computer has to pull hard drive data, its going to slow down. SSD compared to a spinning drive is a joke and only someone who is ignorant would say that it does not matter.

  23. possum440 says:

    Apple Is outdated technology

  24. This is 100% true. The operating drive is there single most noticeable part to the average user. And in a day when a cheap SSD is less then a hundo, they are stupid for crippling that system with the slowest HDD on the market.

  25. Don't wanna be "That guy" but this video and it's audio are slightly out of sync, not complaining since I let these videos run in the background but thought I'd let you know in-case you didn't notice 🙂

  26. ColdieHU says:

    Everybody who buys a PC out of the box and a Mac on top of that, deserves what they get.

  27. James Field says:

    5,400 RPM in 2019 seriously Apple

  28. T says:

    Why'd you get rid of the bubble wrap headrest? 🙁

  29. Object57 says:

    5400 RPM went out years ago lol

  30. fuck apple. (i use only macs)

  31. Gully Foyle says:

    Tell it, Louis!! You're damn right…

  32. I agree with everything you said. They’re using the old trick of offering an attractive price for base model then over charge them for the necessary upgrades. An unsophisticated consumer will be duped because it looks the same on the outside and a pro will know the difference but will have to face the hard choice of paying the outrageous ssd upgrade price knowing full well how little it would cost if they bought it themselves. But who would want risk breaking the screen to save a hundred dollars? Apple doesn’t want you to upgrade any part or complete on price, that’s why they have soldiered on the ram and made hard drive inaccessible. Their goal of making the computer a completely inaccessible iphone like device has been finally achieved. It’s really hard for me because I love and depend on FCPX but they have gone so far off the deep end selling old tech at unspeakable prices. No one begrudges them changing a premium for a higher quality experience but there are limits.

  33. Jigov says:

    iMac has never been a good machine. Since day one, Apple is just scamming you guys. I have money to buy Apple products and i can buy apple products every year when they are brand new.
    None of them are good at all. No quality at all, they never had!!! Apple products are made for kids and people who never grow up in their mind.
    Any other trademark is better then Apple. They just trick you with their high prices, and you think… this should be good for that money.
    In fact, IT WAS NEVER GOOD FOR THAT MONEY. If for example, one Apple Laptop cost 1000 euro. It actually cost not more then 200 Euro, but you pay 800 more because its Apple ???? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
    You can always get the same Machine for Half price of Apple. It doesnt matter, its just better ;P
    I buy other computers and that leaves me free money to eat Apples everyday, and peaches and other fruits 😛

  34. Shinji Ikari says:

    Apple is retarded now and it’s Tim cooks fault.

  35. Honestly that isn't even the worst… The 'lowest' entry point is a dualcore (that is from a line of CPU's of 3 years ago) that still runs with DDR3 (!!) and uses integrated graphics… Or an i3 processor with a mere 2gb of GDDR5 at the low low price of 1300. Not that an i3 is bad, but it's one of the cheapest intel processors. And then they go with a 4K screen… not the smartest of moves. The 1500 dollar one isn't much better. 4gb of GDDR5 is the same as a low tier GPU like the 1050Ti. For a 1500 dollar computer, I would expect more than that.

    Is the 4k screen really worth sacrificing the specs? Normally, these specs aren't even that great for stuff like video editing ( I would assume so anyway)

  36. The Apple computing experience is still better than PC. With superior hardware, you still get more random restarts, freezes, slow downs, etc., on PC as compared to Mac.

    IOS is easy, simple and reliable to Android's more customizable and better screens.

    But there can be no argument that Apple does some truly rotten shit. Why solder parts? Non-soldered connectors are industry-standard and therefore, cheap.

    It is rotten anc cynical to BOTH charge a premium AND deliver a machine with an artifically short life span.

  37. Haz Matt says:

    And yet… Mac Fanboys and girls still shell out for them. Brand loyalty madness.

  38. Carbon 12 says:

    I put SSDs in my sub £200 notebooks.

    Because f me 5400s are the worst. I had a 7200 rpm laptop/notebook and that was beautiful comparatively.

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