Watchs SALE All about watches I've Never Tried Anything Like It…

I've Never Tried Anything Like It…

The Nuraphone is unlike any pair of headphones I’ve ever heard before. The bass produced by these headphones is substantially greater than any other I’ve tested. If you’re a bass head you should probably give the Nuraphone wireless headphones a shot.

Nuraphone –


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31 thoughts on “I've Never Tried Anything Like It…”

  1. Which headphones are you using right now?

  2. BJC T says:

    I feel like when I click on his videos it’s like walking half in to a conversation

    I love it

  3. King Kobra says:

    NEWRA!!! NOT NOORA! ○^○

  4. im late but try skullcandy crusher wireless. they have a lot of bass

  5. Rahul Dahiya says:

    Is it safe for ears?

  6. Yolki Palki says:

    Get deaf in a year from those lol

  7. I have these. They are the best that I've ever used.

  8. Paul Lasky says:

    Arnt we missing a point here. These earphones are still at the mercy of what DAC is in your phone. Most phones have a crap DAC. Even flagships. Plus it's Bluetooth.
    I'm using an LG v series quad DAC with wired headphones and it beats any phone I've compared it

  9. ross rykov says:

    Do anyone still trust you reviews?

  10. Hy man i am trying to find a good pair of headphones over the ears for watching movies can you recommend me something

  11. Carson Doak says:

    Normal person: wears these


  12. bcbsgs says:

    Mine are new and for sale at a great discount on Offer Up – since Nura wouldn't refund my purchase. Works as advertised, but I need something with a mixer.

  13. But can it run Crysis ??

  14. groovdafied says:

    But will it stop me from having ear sweat?

  15. Ethan Burke says:

    Scullcandy hesh 3s

  16. GODLIKE says:

    So its basically an 8D audio?

  17. Yo Mama says:

    "there not inexpensive" .

  18. I bet my koss porta pros sound better than these

  19. Rohan Mishra says:

    Looks like the present not the future..

  20. Md Zilani says:

    You Must check out the skullcandy crusher wireless. The bass on these headphones and just.. just.. MIND BLOWING!!

    I am using them and I love them a lot!

  21. LELXDLEL says:

    looks like a dick

  22. meme.boi01 says:

    When I use the 950n1, it’s like I’m high

  23. Tebs says:

    I can feel the rumble when you put the headphones near the microphone.

  24. Bhavy Shukla says:

    Hey @UnboxTheropy
    I am planning to buy new headphones for all purpose which includes my drumming practice,too.
    And i am confuse between bose and nura sound.
    So which should i buy plus let me know any other brand you recommend.

  25. Scott Boyce says:

    Anyone here tried these and the skullcandy crusher headphones?
    Which bass is more powerful?

  26. It's between these and the 1000xm3s for me and im leaning towards nura because i hear xm3s suck in cold climates.

  27. sinistermoon says:

    For that price they better suck my dick too.

  28. I khan says:

    Hello Sir can you make a comparison video black beats fit 3100 VS air pods which is better so I can buy easily

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