Watchs SALE All about watches Jacob & Co Watches – OMG!

Jacob & Co Watches – OMG!

Jacob & Co watches stick out like a sore thumb! Not typically my top pick for watch reviews, that’s for sure!

But the reality is that Jacob watches have changed quite a bit from 2002, when they introduced the tacky Five Time Zone Watch. Now there are quite a few stunning Jacob pieces out there, like the Jacob & Co Astronomia line and the Billionaire Watch.

It wasn’t until the Quentin watch came out in 2006, the first watch with 31-day power reserve, that they started to get my attention as a watchmaker.

The Jacob watch that I am reviewing on the video is the Jacob & Co Raindbow Tourbillon Tour P. I think that the company stepped it up with this model as well.

Historically, I wouldn’t compare Jacob to the more popular brands in terms of tradition, but regardless of how you feel about the brand, how ’bout that Astronomia?!?

In 2014 in Baseworld when the Astronomia came out, that’s when I really thought that the company had stepped it up. You have to admit that the design behind the Astronomia tourbillons (including the recent Astronomia Solar) is simply incredible.

Jacob also has the Epic line that, even though it’s a bit more commercial, it is still a great leap beyond their initial designs.

Finally, I think that the Jacob & Co Billionaire watch, which I mentioned in my most expensive watches of 2017 video, is probably the nicest one in the crazy diamond watch category.

So how do you feel about the watches made by Jacob & Co? Do you have any favorites? Let me know in the comments below or invite a friend to comment as well.

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21 thoughts on “Jacob & Co Watches – OMG!”

  1. The time will edventyally come when some watch brand invents a method to build affordable tourbillons.

  2. can any body tell me where can i get a replica of it?

  3. Lorin S says:

    I’ve been collecting Fossil watches since middle school and now I have about four Invictas. Maybe one day I can afford a Rolex or an ICW. But until then what’s your thoughts on Invicta watches?

  4. do they make replicas of astronomias

  5. Does anybody know, what brand sunglasses  the guy in the video is wearing???, if anybody know please let me know.

  6. Abdul Taha says:

    Dude you're selling old stock
    Jacobs went to jail for tax fraud and money laundering

  7. Benjamin says:

    Jacob & Co Astronomia line is definitely a massive step up . And i dare say , that single watch blows out many usual big names .

  8. 6:58 what just flew out of his mouth and landed on the table.???! WTF LOLOLOLOLOhahhaahhaahahahhahahaahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It’s a super high end watch brand with a cool 😎 mix of aesthetics, kinetics & mechanics

  10. Vishal Datta says:

    Great video, got to respect iconic diamond 5 time zone. Since 2002 many respectable watches added bling to mens watches. J&co is a game changer in design and now mechanical movements as well.

  11. Astronomia is really something so we can say Jacob and co. Are stepping up.

  12. bigart1993 says:

    Dem watches, dey be really good you know? Jesus Christ dey are de best stuff! I really like what dey be do'in des days. You know?

  13. Blake Martin says:

    Thanks for your videos. I wanted to start learning more about high end watches after I received an older sub mariner as a family heirloom. Thanks for taking the time to make these.

  14. Thanks for posting the video and bring this watch, the Astronomia, to my attention. Its unbelievable.
    I watched a video of it running at hi speed with 3d views. Its like you're looking at outer space and the jeweled spheres are rotating with the tourbullion around the watch! With that beautiful dome it's like your in a planetarium … if I was super rich I'd buy one and put it in a lighted class case to stare at and maybe take it to dinner once in a while.

  15. Sunset Rider says:

    Didn't Jacob go to jail for money laundering ?

  16. Astronomia! Its so crazy😜 I love it! 😍

  17. Jose Ibarra says:

    What sunglasses are those?

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