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James Bond and The Queen London 2012 Performance

Daniel Craig reprises his role as British secret agent James Bond as he accompanies Her Majesty The Queen to the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Ceremony also featured appearances from Mr. Bean, Monty Python and a re-imagining of the British Industrial Revolution.

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Every two years, the world’s finest athletes gather at the Olympic Games – a spectacular celebration of sporting excellence that captures the attention of billions of people around the world. However, the Games are about much more than just sport. They bring the Olympic values to life and provide a global arena for a unique combination of sport, culture, education and ceremonies.

At the Olympic Games in London 2012, about 10,500 athletes from 204 countries compete in 26 different sports, comprising 302 medal events. Whether athletes win a medal or not, they can forever call themselves Olympians. The sporting competitions are undoubtedly the central focus of the Olympic Games and participating in the Games is the ultimate goal for most athletes.

Every edition has its own story to tell and will be remembered for some truly remarkable performances from sporting legends such as Jesse Owens, Abebe Bikila, Jean-Claude Killy, Nadia Comaneci, Katarina Witt, Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, to name just a few.

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26 thoughts on “James Bond and The Queen London 2012 Performance”

  1. acechadwick says:

    Oh it made me so proud to be British. We can always have a good laugh!

  2. Kalo di Indonesia di bilang.. ah pake stuntman pa presidennya..
    Yaeyalag coba ini ratu enggres gak pake stuntman lu kira enak nenek nenek lompat dari helikopter

  3. At the very end, @6:08 man to our right of Her Majesty is visibly lowered. Anyone know what that is about?

  4. Muhamad says:

    lol overproud-indonesia jokowers gather here. the differences between you and them are they don't claim the queen did it by herself meanwhile jokowers claim the president himself did it and spread it to every foreigner channels.


  6. indonesia for olympic soon !!!

  7. Qual é o nome da música?

  8. The T-10 says:

    Listen to the thunderous roars when the queen first appeared. The world may be ditching and abandoning the monarchy system, but the monarchs never really gone, turns out people still love their monarchy, as evident here, in the royal weddings, etc.

  9. One guy with RPG and god save the queen hahahahaha

  10. aje gile 😂😂😂😂😂 sebelum Asian Games masih 17jt, sekarang 20jt

  11. 할머니 무병장수하세요.

  12. Memetainment says:

    Whos better asian games 2018 opening or olympic 2012 ?

  13. I am shocked There were no Mary Poppins sightings in the sky in the clip…

  14. Yang bilang "lah pake stunman"
    Gw orang goblok yang bilang gitu masa iya Jokowi atau ratu Elisabeth gitu "gila broo"

  15. Yg komen kader pks grindra pan

  16. Thomas Egan says:

    Ugly Daniel Craig. Sean Connery and Roger Moore were tall and goodlooking

  17. The only way for Tokyo to beat this is to have Ultraman to officiate the opening.

  18. 딤또깡 says:

    20.18M views in 2018!!! Wow!!

  19. Tp pada saat itu ratu tidak sedang mengahadapi pemilu, dan negaranya tidak dalam suasana kontestasi politik, makanya jadi baiasa aja tanpa polemik yg berbau politik. Nah klo di indonesia diperdebatkan krn dlm suasana politik, dan kebanyakan yg memperdebatkannya juga kalangan politik. Jd jika masyarakat lain ingin terlibat secara argumen politik sah sah saja selama apa yh diperdebatkan demi persatuan dan kesatuan banhsa. Krn siapapun presiden kita nanti adala putra banhsa indonesia yg terbaik, mari kita tetap kokohkan persatuan dan kesatuan bangsa. Sekedar pemgingat, politik kita adl mekanisme dlm pemerintahan, jangan dijadikan alasana atau alat pemecah belah bangsa…

  20. On Her Majesty's very public service.

  21. Well done, Commander Bond.

  22. F H.S.K. says:

    All so suddenly Indonesian comments are flooding the comment section.

  23. Why the imaginary caracter why not the real thing Dusko Popov

  24. The stuntman who actually did the jump is dead now.

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