Watchs SALE All about watches Jb Weld Can Repair Steel – Aluminum – Anything

Jb Weld Can Repair Steel – Aluminum – Anything

How To Fix Absolutely Anything with JB weld. If you don’t have the tools to weld you can use JBweld to fix or repair anything from automotive radiators, boats, aluminum, plastic, or steel.



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29 thoughts on “Jb Weld Can Repair Steel – Aluminum – Anything”

  1. Geoff Clarke says:

    i don't know why you bother explaining yourself to these muppets making comments. They just want to complain because they can.

  2. The BBQ Jerk says:

    We never heard a follow up because the housing exploded…

  3. imickey503 says:

    When WOMEN stop divorce raping us? I will start VOlunteering again.

  4. It couldn't fix my wireframe glasses

  5. John sarab says:

    I had a cracked thermostat housing. J-B failed; regular epoxy worked.
    My other J-B fixes failed as well. Junk!

  6. Jim Harvey says:

    In my 7 decades plus, I have JB welded many different broken things, all successfully!

  7. WRANGLESTAR, Would J,B weld fix a thumb sized hole in a transmission pan permanently?

  8. Used on a 2004 Blazer cast aluminum oil pan cracked while still on car,after letting oil drain for a week roughing up the pan and cleaning good and it's still not leaking 5 years later.

  9. J. Muller says:

    Is there a J-B weld that will connect aluminum to plastic?

  10. Zex Nynex says:

    Commenting on the end remarks, actually imo, your tinkering, your land n home n stuff you do homesteading/living is what i see as a semi perfect existence.

  11. Will this work well as an Auto body filler?

  12. I repaired a fuel tank in a boat about 15 years and still going strong.

  13. Tim Mahoney says:

    If that were me, I would tig weld it. Just for peace of mind and I know it would hold up forever

  14. trexler666 says:

    So you only get jb weld in States

  15. Dale Hammond says:

    Thanks for the video. Does it work on cast iron?

  16. Liquid jb weld sets alot quicker than 15 hrs. Once mixed together, set the weld in direct sunlight for 10-15 mins & it'll go from liquid to a putty. It sets even faster after the direct sunlight & puttying the part You can use a heat gun & heat the putty. A blow dryer works even better. Heat the putty for about 5-10 mins then turn off heat & cool the part for 5 mins then repeat till weld is hardened. Then let sit for about 5 hrs & good to go! Try that hack on something else & share!!!

  17. kyle kyle says:

    So, ive been trying to fix my 350 small block.. Was having coolant leak into my oil via the intake manifold gasket.. After cleaning the shat out of it.. I noticed the pitting in the aluminum lower intake manifold.. This video is securing my belief that i can fix the pitting wity good ol JB weld.

  18. ITubeTooInc says:

    What's the best alternatives to JB Weld? I don't think JB Weld is available here in Europe, I have never seen it.

  19. vicki thomas says:

    I like the video, but, get to the point!!!!!

  20. jrbbikerx says:

    The part is just so expensive why not
    Just buy a new machine

  21. jrbbikerx says:

    planned obsolescence…keeps item cost competitive and a few parts are designed so that easy to replace parts (covers etc) fail at a certain point and it generates additional
    Revenue on the back end that they gave up up
    Front when you bought it

  22. jrbbikerx says:

    And yes just like with painting, prep is the MOST important part

  23. jrbbikerx says:

    This is the EXACT application that jbweld was made for.

    Non structural non load bearing metal repair

  24. devious dom says:

    JB Weld is junk. PC7 or Belzona are industrial quality epoxies.

  25. Is it ok for reattaching aluminium thread that cracked off.

  26. kelly shea says:

    I picked up a PAP M92PV Pistol with a C.I. forearm brace. And the brace always gets knocked loose since its only secured by the screw in the pistol grip. I put some JB Weld blue to it this afternoon. I also used some on the pistol grip screw too. Cant wait to see how it handles when i go to the range

  27. Rufo Rufo says:

    prep of the mating surfaces is not the problem. its that jb never sets up and hardens. and before you tell me "you didnt do it right, or mix it properly", or some other criticism, ill tell you i have followed the directions to the T on every attempt and it has never cured properly.

  28. TheWorldSeed says:

    to get a better end point on a crack use paint stripper or another corrosive to take it down to bare metal. if you use a sander or any abrasive tool you obscure the last bit of the crack and leave chance for future failure. great video though.

  29. Joel Skulish says:

    Great video! Sorry to hear about the trolls. Folks can be ignorant. Keep up the great work. Subscribed!

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