Watchs SALE All about watches Kanye West goes hero worship on President Trump in Oval Office

Kanye West goes hero worship on President Trump in Oval Office

President Trump spent some time Thursday taking it “Yeezy” with Kanye West. He let the entertainer do most of the talking during an Oval Office meeting before they had lunch. West turned that photo op into another one of his vintage viral moments. Major Garrett reports.

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50 thoughts on “Kanye West goes hero worship on President Trump in Oval Office”

  1. apollo mack says:

    Why is Trump's hair comb in 5 different ways Lol.😂 smh

  2. apollo mack says:

    Kanye comedy TV Lol.😂

  3. Noteman says:

    Was Kuntye their to wash toilets or shine shoes? That’s his only talent. Kardasshole.

  4. Love 💜💚💛it… talkin is how you change mines 🌎❤️

  5. theknite2211 says:

    What would his mother say about his shenanigans

  6. Estex says:

    Smart cookie 😂

  7. I love Trump and Kanye is one badass dude! Most celebrities jump on the liberal bandwagon because they don’t wanna lose their popularity, but Kanye doesn’t care. He thinks for himself and has his own views and beliefs and I highly respect him for that!

  8. mark vietti says:

    Trump and West are so much alike.. i see why they like each other.. great friendship

  9. Too much junk food is result of this

  10. Juan Arcos says:

    Wow Kanye has fallen to the lowest of all lows so cringy to watch.

  11. Kanye needs to watch this at the timing of 1:03

  12. G Money says:

    What Makes No sense at all.

  13. Edith Valdez says:

    Happy thanksgiving & * Marry Cristmas for all velievers, thanks God for Freedom and worship. !!!!

  14. A says:

    Didn't they reprogram him last time he did this? Must be a software issue.

  15. nico napo says:

    Not a "Smart Cookie" but Oreo.

  16. bougiefly says:

    All respect to kanye powerful meeting and moves #freelarryhoover

  17. Something is not right with him mentally they got him under their control…keep your eyes open ppl

  18. Kanye has been suffering from mental illness, bipolar disorder, manic depression & self medicating for over 15 years. Now he’s completely insane and mentally Deranged.

  19. Kanye reminds me of that Samuel L. Jackson character on Django Unchained.

  20. SmilingIpad says:

    It's sad to see that people are attacking people for thinking for themselves.

  21. Jerrymc1975 says:

    Jim Jones Kool-aid is being served

  22. Jerrymc1975 says:

    If we can vote trump as president, we can certainly vote Kanye in. Just tell the right he’s a white dude in disguise. They believe anything

  23. Jerrymc1975 says:

    The right is really crazy!

  24. Jerrymc1975 says:

    It’s very frightening when the comments I see is in support of this bad acid trip.

  25. c c says:

    This is why we fought the meme war boys. I love this timeline so much.

  26. Shawn Kemp says:

    Stop and search is needed. It works to keep gang members off the streets. everyone knows what a gang member looks like and how they act and dress. And yes most gang members are carrying an illegal gun on them.

  27. After all that and the serious talk, understand:
    Trump- For is this was just lunch with two people I like.

  28. Jesse Brown says:

    If it becomes an accepted fact that a high profile black man can be friends with a republican who's been branded the ultimate devil, the gig is up for the left.

    Yes, this is really happening.

  29. Did I hear Kanye call for reparations during that meeting? I wonder what cult 45 thinks about that! Lol!

  30. Emma Peace says:

    Omg I love Kanye so much he is so real

  31. Isn't it pathetic and telling that Leftists are calling Kanye the worst types of names and devaluing his opinion because it differs from theirs? Democrats have always been the party of the plantation, and they hate when blacks leave it.

  32. Tone Cold says:

    I think Kanye lost his black card

  33. Illuminati mind control

  34. Rexy1000 says:

    Came for the comments

    And yes I liked my own, you got a problem with it ☹️

  35. Mazin X says:

    The Real Dump and Dumper

  36. Mike Tayon says:

    Well there you go, the Whitehouse has been completely defiled!

  37. Incredible how these lunatic people rules the world. Illuminati

  38. Kim Kardashian will have him lock up given lots of meds take the kids and his money she loves this crazy proven

  39. kntwing says:

    trump used k.west for more voters…

  40. Jorge X says:

    This helps race relations .

  41. James Jones says:

    The liberal nazis hate it when a black man can think for himself .

  42. Welp, Kanye West is on the same level as FouseyTube.

  43. Donald Trump's hates black people too right but Kanye is black this makes no sense to me not trying to be racist

  44. Steven G says:

    AMERICAS 2 biggest idiots

  45. SenhorBoss says:

    please read the description and consider having a cringe overload 💀

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