Watchs SALE All about watches KVW – As requested, State Of The (Wrist Time) Collection, 2019

KVW – As requested, State Of The (Wrist Time) Collection, 2019

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11 thoughts on “KVW – As requested, State Of The (Wrist Time) Collection, 2019”

  1. Jim Snyder says:

    The Eastwood GMT is the 1! Great video.

  2. Great collections guys.

  3. Sean Cody says:

    You are welcome. Love those vietnam veterans

  4. Hi , amazing collection 👍 does the saa03 have a sapphire crystal and is it easy to replace?

  5. steven uk1 says:

    Sabrina's collection is so cool..

  6. Beautiful watches and stories to go with them! Thank you for sharing Spencer! It's true, I can get a watch from my collection and can remember the moment that that I got the watch as well as the story behind it and any repairs or modifications made to it. Thanks for sharing your lovely collection!

  7. Paul.w w says:

    Ahhh love those old Speedmasters 🥰

  8. Pale blue cursor ring for the 6138-7000 would be awesome! I’d really love to have one for that original look, but I understand your concern with people maybe trying to pass them off as original. Great video and thanks for doing it!

  9. The Rolex Clint Eastwood is lovely.

  10. Eric Flax says:

    Awesome video as usual. Glad to see you kept the 1675 "Clint Eastwood". I was lucky enough to get the same watch from my dad as a gift years ago, he traded a dishwasher for the watch (new) in 1969 (family business was kitchen's and bath's at the time). It's a 1968/69 1675 Root Beer, all original and unserviced (and I can hear you now, it needs to be serviced) yet it still keeps excellent time.

    You don't see people ever wearing these and while my 116610LN gets most of my wrist time, the "Clint Eastwood" is for sure a keeper.

  11. Great vid again guys, love the jumbo and the speedtimer

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