Watchs SALE All about watches LIL PUMP BUYING $1000 SHOES AT THE MALL


In today’s vlog I hit up the mall with Lil Pump and Smokepurpp and we all bought extremely expensive shoes then headed to our sold out show in Scottsdale, Arizona and had a great time. Enjoy!

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32 thoughts on “LIL PUMP BUYING $1000 SHOES AT THE MALL”

  1. Noooo smoking..B..ty…kkkkk

  2. I feel bad for the store owner. Bunch of monkeys and a white boy who thinks he's black, cool…..

  3. Mafi4n7 says:

    He has size 8 shoes I’m 12 I have size 10

  4. Slade Flex says:

    I know his face but i cant remember his name at 0:54

  5. 21dkabelik says:

    Assault is the worst flavor of monster there is… its like cheap coke, and coke is already cheap.

  6. Gerard Dunne says:

    I NEED to go to America……fuck ye

  7. Look at all the white kids in the crowd😂😂

  8. Angel says:

    This nigga got lil bitch feet size 8

  9. Enrique Cruz says:

    Esta generacion que no inculca nada a la sociedad deberia ser eliminada… pero en fin es lo que gusta al futuro de esta humanidad.. unos tipos que no saben cantar ni rapear y encima van gastando gucci…. y todos los fans son mas pobres

  10. Enrique Cruz says:

    Menuda panda de retraidos

  11. The title should have been: LIL PUMP STAYS AT $40 A NIGHT MOTELS ON TOUR.

  12. Akhaila M. says:

    Dis nigga said some “gOtTa A BuTTeRfLy On tHe cOlLEr”💀💀💀💀

  13. So many clowns in 1 place.

  14. Gee Martinez says:

    These foos wearing nirvana and prob dont know who they are ! SMH !!!!!

  15. Jake Paul says:

    Yea fuck security they’re only trying to protect us from threatening people.

  16. They look like those Goblins gang xD lmao

  17. Who's the 40 year old bald guy

  18. 6:17 I lost a good amount of brain cells

  19. R OG says:

    Rich people doesn't show off, they live normal than people that were garbage before and now acting like they are the only rich gang alive…

  20. Ian Wagner says:

    so much money in one van

  21. Brain damaged face tats fuckers

  22. Why does the world do this?

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