Watchs SALE All about watches Linus Attempts BGA Graphics Chip Repair! – Rossmann Repair Group, New York City

Linus Attempts BGA Graphics Chip Repair! – Rossmann Repair Group, New York City

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Louis Rossmann wasn’t too happy about our “video card revival” video from a few months back… So he invited us to his shop to show us how to ACTUALLY repair electronics!

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45 thoughts on “Linus Attempts BGA Graphics Chip Repair! – Rossmann Repair Group, New York City”

  1. Vermonster90 says:

    This guy buys and throws away more electronic shit, Rossman saves landfills 1,000's of pounds of ewaste a year.

  2. I'm subscribed to both channels, but Linus really knows more than Louis.

  3. jingo500 says:

    I can see this is a bit old, but it's great to see both you guys working together. Loved it

  4. The start of a beautiful friendship? Lol

  5. 7300$ re work station take it on Alibaba for 400$

  6. Sure her may be a pro… but how many subscribers does he have?

  7. adidas3k says:

    I'm only at 2:41 and the guys awkwardness is making me cringe

  8. NightEule5 says:

    13:52 That tool looks incredibly useless other than to keep his employees in line maybe…

  9. Shavery says:

    This video is actually much better having watched a lot of Louis Rossman

    Also weird seeing his office from that angle

  10. Havent watched yet, but definitivly not!

  11. atom608 says:

    wan show with linus and louis oh my

  12. Timxx3868 says:

    All good fun but perhaps get him to demonstrate o good chip soldered to a good board just to prove this machine works reliably- . obviously it does, but it still good to see the money in action.



  15. Pauldamo says:

    because it wasn't repaired,would've been cool if you put it in the oven and it fixed it.

  16. BlankEssence says:

    The music is real bad.

  17. krawc0 says:

    I love it how you support the little guy, you are good people Mr. Linus =)
    Keep up the good work!

  18. Jayde Laux says:

    1:58 Louis looks like he just saw someone inside the camera flash a shiny thing at him.

  19. klystron2010 says:

    You're supposed to reball it.

  20. Aris F1s says:

    Linus is nothing compared to rossman

  21. Dean Smith says:

    I have seen the replacement of a BGA in practice, it involved re-balling the BGA and cleaning all the solder off the pads – neither is trivial with the minute geometry you are trying to manipulate by hand. Hats off to both of you for getting even a modicum of success…..

  22. if a gpu is bad would the system show no signs of life?

  23. Chris says:

    Whether you're a guest on Rossman's show or he's on yours, he makes you his bitch.

  24. I actually did the Oven Method on my Evga Titan X Sc which was Artifacting and locking up. I went 375c for 10 mins then I slapped on NH noctua paste on the GPU and vram chips then put 1.2mm Copper shims on each vram chip and thermal pads over vrms its running 53c load max. It was outa warrenty and was sitting on a shelf I was about to take Dremel to it and make some keychain outa it before deciding to try the bake method.

  25. MrDanypy says:

    lol, idk about this

  26. Hi Louis. Hi Linus. We all love you : top nerd élite guys !

  27. Linus did you break something again?

  28. Don Mega says:

    no apology from him despite using oven twice yet unable to get it fixed, when linus used oven only once and got things working. at least he should not take a payment if he can't get it to work.

  29. Your new logo reminds me of Larsen and toubro

  30. ThyerHazard says:

    My GPU Shat itself few years back, it was due for an upgrade anyway so i tried the oven.

    it worked.

  31. having watched linus a bunch and rossman a bunch, at 0:36 I am laughing my ass off and saying, "this should be good"

  32. ADC20032996 says:

    Nope. You can't stand by it. It doesn't work in anybody's real life.
    How long did you use the card after your oven "fix"?

  33. Jon Roe says:

    Louis is like Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting. He'll hate that, I think he has a thing about Boston. We should meme it though.

  34. Is this Linus's "Fight me IRL"?

  35. Akkbar says:

    He keeps oddly looking at the camera

  36. Ryan C says:

    These guys are such troopers of the community. Instead of Linus being all butt hurt someone said something bad about one of his videos, they reach out, make a video together, empower each other, and have some fun. They both want to see us succeed.

    As oppose to some other youtubers who would use the opportunity to create drama and escalate. Good job guys.

  37. Se7en Axis says:

    The only reason louis let that braindead guy come in his shop and do this interview was cause he wanted his channel and store referred to 6M people.

  38. Alex Lewis says:

    Please get a non-potato microphone. I love the channel but the sound quality….detracts from it.

  39. I really like both of them,
    but Louis is right!
    That Oven Repair Bullshit is not gonna help longterm!

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