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Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone

Jimmy and Emma Stone square off in a lip sync battle and Emma shows she’s not afraid of lightning fast lyrics.

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Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone
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50 thoughts on “Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone”

  1. Maybe Emma stone should go into rapping her mouth can move really fast 😂

  2. Yi-Shin Sheu says:

    I just skipped all Jimmy's portion in the video… Emma was so good at both songs.

  3. The moment when you actually start hearing her voice in the background. OMG so wonderful <3

  4. this thing is not worth 9l mn views

  5. Inna Palad says:

    This vid is 4.5 years old and is still raking in millions of views… best lip syncing ever!

  6. Pete C says:

    I Love Lucy Starring Emma Stone!

  7. The camera man in win win win lol

  8. Bing Perocho says:

    Damn. Oct2018 and Still here back on the days that Emma Stone invented lip sync.

  9. Ponung Perme says:

    Emma u nailed it😘😘

  10. Emma Stone was born for this

  11. She was incredible literally on fire😍😳😘😘😘

  12. Even the roots cant stop smiling

  13. Amy Brad says:

    Still my favourite battle, though Ellen is a close second.

  14. Juliet Bonet says:

    Emma totally KILLED IT

  15. Sage Kelly says:

    The amazing Spider-Man sucked

  16. When she start to rap jimmy's face was like " WHAT??????? " 😱

  17. Vanya Dimri says:

    October 2018 where are the real ones???

  18. Jimmy 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  19. You now why she had role in LLL

  20. Marcela Raad says:

    ¡My favorite lip sync battle since ever and forever!

  21. Shay Smalle says:

    Emma been doing thing on the reg when she's at home

  22. three frogs says:

    the art of thumbnail i think

  23. I watched this so many times. Emma killed it.

  24. This video never gets old. I 💜 it 💋

  25. serge chik says:

    she's …emmazinggg !!

  26. Dara Jack says:

    Who's Stylist of Emma? 😍 Emma looks so very beautiful

  27. Emma Stone nailed it! 👏
    Beautiful, Talented and Amazing woman… 😍 #totalpackage

  28. Jimmy’s face when she starts lip syncing Luda’s rap is priceless..

  29. Twilight211 says:

    shit i liked this already 4 years ago…

  30. StarChyld4 says:

    Emma is the reason why I have All I Do Is Wim on my playlist. #RealTalk

  31. Sofea Khan says:


  32. TORMENT says:


  33. when you see jimmy surrender to a greatests lip sync power

  34. Amy Lobb says:

    Because of Jimmy lip syncing styx roboto it's stuck in my head 24/7

  35. Thi NGUYEN says:

    Thats why she got an Oscar with a musical movie!!!

  36. Urvi Khale says:

    Why there are Soo many vewies on this?

  37. Shai P says:

    I love Jimmy's reaction at 6.21/6.22 – his face is priceless

  38. Emma is undeniably an awesome actor

  39. Ed Dee says:

    Love the mr roboto

  40. Her head reminded me of a typewriter.

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