Watchs SALE All about watches Little Doggy’s Wheelchair Gets A Makeover | Cartoon For Kids

Little Doggy’s Wheelchair Gets A Makeover | Cartoon For Kids

Mr. Monkey is having a party and his first guest has arrived a wee bit early – its Little Doggy in his wheelchair! He LOVES parties and came to help decorate. When the garage is ready, Little Doggy is a little sad – his wheelchair is just so ordinary. He really wants it to have some pizzazz for the party! Can Mr. Monkey fancy-up his wheelchair? He certainly can with a plan and his trusty monkey wrench! But what does it look like? It’s a surprise!
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15 thoughts on “Little Doggy’s Wheelchair Gets A Makeover | Cartoon For Kids”

  1. Irene Cuevas says:

    Love this cartoons, they are so entertaining!!

  2. Thank you for making more Me Monkey Videos because I am a huge fan of these videos!! Keep being successful and keep doing good Super Simole TV- Kids Shows and Cartoons!!

  3. Well Mr. Sloth is very slow he is the last tocome to the party so when he leave his home if the party start at 16h?

  4. What is this kind of wheelchair? It isn't the ordinary ones. A modern style maybe? :)))

  5. So cute! love Mr. Monkey

  6. I hoped this is not the last episode of mr. Monkey mechanic because my son loves this show so much…

  7. Wow, mister monkey you have decorated your garage and little doggy's wheel chair very nicely. Enjoy your party 🎉🎉

  8. stev yank says:

    I love watching cartoons ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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