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Live stream with Don Haines

Hon Daines joins me to discuss why he’s PISSED at the Swiss watch industry.

25 thoughts on “Live stream with Don Haines”

  1. Roamy360 says:

    Sorry, but this a sucky video

  2. Robin C says:

    Clyve some twat just hijacked your live stream FMD
    And I feel so sorry for Donnies puppy….he kicked the shit out of it…..
    Ahhh did da nasty old man upset Donnie wonnie

  3. What did I tell you! Sanders needs to just KICK IT AND DIE!

  4. CONFIRMED by watch insider at Rolex, the Ceramic GMT 2 black black is getting discontinued and not the Batman. It is getting replaced at Basel with the new GMT 2 all Rolex Green (dial and bezel insert)with black 24hr hand. It has the new movement obviously

  5. Der Stiefel says:

    Awesome live stream, glad to see Craig Shipp joined in on the fun. Lots of great discussion going on here and Craig fit right in with the bunch. Welcome to the PHIST Phamily Craig!

  6. Clyve is still camera shy. You need to look up Clyve…

  7. I normally don't watch Clyve and his crew anymore. I grew bored of the inane conversation, the blind Rolex fanboy-ism, and the pseudo expertise of his followers. Not to mention the rude comments. A friend called me and convinced me to watch this one because Bill Sanders schooled Don Haines. Good for Bill Sanders!!!! Don is an adult man who lives with his parents and spends is spare time reading magazines and brochures in his bedroom. He needs professional help to get his life on track. Clyve is an intelligent person but his channel has deteriorated. I do wish he would go back to his solo format where he "Had more questions that answers"

  8. Didn't Don Hayes praise the new Omega before. He even told Archie to buy it at one point.

  9. Best Live Stream Clyde, we had the entire troll gang, Lots of fun!
    Keep them Live Streams Rolling.!!

  10. @0:35 One for the ladies – Don Horizontal Haines in bed

  11. Rich Buddy says:

    live stream with an without the Dongoloid…… to be or not to be

  12. Lawrence L says:

    Needs to understand that some may have an opposing outlook on anything it’s called “debating”. Sadly had he stayed and fought for his views it could have made for a good show.

  13. LLD says:

    This live stream came so close to going off the rails a few times.. funny AF the fights….superchats @22:50 and overall weirdness.. I come for the watches I stay for the drama lol

  14. T JW says:

    Don got totally owned by Bill😂

  15. Don proved his arguments about rolex having state of the art movements is wrong because he didnt stay and defend his argument going back and forth and have a discussion like an adult .which don is not .clive you do your disservice having a aggressively pointed uneducated argumentative child like don on ur channle

  16. Vingtenier says:

    "I guess it was time for meat loaf" mic drop

  17. Jay Sikes says:

    Dr. Bill Sanders went SAVAGE AF on Donnie. True Gangsta!!

  18. Jin is as queer as a $3 bill. Always talking about Patek but never pulling the trigger. Dumb ass tire kicker.

  19. explorer 1 with glide lock would be super Clyve,

  20. Bill knows a blowhard when he hears one.

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