Watchs SALE All about watches Living in 8 Bits #49 – Super Mechanic Brothers

Living in 8 Bits #49 – Super Mechanic Brothers

The Plumbers are teaming up to fix your car. The problem is that they have a different grasp of what makes a car work than you.

Behind the Scenes Video:

Go Cart – Loop Mix by Kevin MacLeod

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14 thoughts on “Living in 8 Bits #49 – Super Mechanic Brothers”

  1. Mel Mar says:

    Not bad, not bad. I had a few of those mustaches, they're a bitch to keep on.. especially if you sweat a lot.

  2. And this absurd phrase passes before my eyes: "Mario, the Princess's car is in another garage".  And the idea of Mario fixing plumbing in the different castles also popped into my head.  Peach keeps moving because her pipes keep getting clogged.  Anyhow, keep up the good work on the channel.

  3. Luigi death stare.  LOL!  Great job you guys!

  4. Is that Square Painter again?

  5. HAHA, poor princesses…..can't get away from Mario 🙂

  6. I actually would love to have my car like a bullet bill!  Some of the traffic where I live is terrible!!! 

  7. redholm says:

    Only thing that's stronger than the blue shell is youtube not showing new videos from people i'm subscribed to. Did't find this video before today :/

  8. Pmr358 says:

    The Luigi death stare. lol awesome!

  9. 316whatupz says:

    Funny episode.  I was not expecting that Luigi death stare.  It came out of the blue…….or should I say blue shell.  heheh

  10. Comic Kathy says:

    After watching so many behind the scenes, I do have to wonder if the mustache falling off was planned or just something random that happened that was too funny not to keep in.

  11. "It sounded like ghost talk." Hilarious. The blue shell…haha. Love the Mario Kart connection.  Great idea guys.  Thanks as always for an awesome video.  Best lunch break ever!

  12. Awesome episode! So many great references. Luigi death stare! Also, the bee at the beginning was a nice touch.

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