Watchs SALE All about watches LUIGI'S DAY OUT


Mario is forced to take Luigi with him when he goes out to socialize with his sleazy friends. To exact revenge, he decides to submit his little brother to torture under the guise of “saving the princess”. Will Luigi fall for it?

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29 thoughts on “LUIGI'S DAY OUT”

  1. Movie Killer says:

    This video has more blood than Dragon Ball Super

  2. Rohawk 123 says:

    One like equals love for Luigi


  3. DoodleBert says:

    Mario is mean to Luigi in the real game

  4. Joe Phillips says:

    The acid paper should of had the star on it. Not the 1UP

  5. Jalen Dalton says:

    Luigi was on a bad trip

  6. I wish Luigi was my brother

  7. Is it korn or nrok???

  8. Saaya Chitra says:

    Oh so walugi,Mario, and Luigi were friends but then Luigi stole daisy so yea

  9. HOW does this video has ads

  10. IrocRobins a says:

    when i get cokes for snack time

  11. GachaScar473 says:

    I’m pretty sure Mario is the scrote

  12. I laughed my ass of when I heard this 5:36

  13. jose lopez says:

    Who saw that logo on mario's hat in 0:09

  14. your boy says:

    this is how luigi turned into Mr L.

  15. franKY _- says:

    wtf I remember wacthing this along time ago

  16. This how brothers be tho

  17. Coles Gaming says:

    Hahaha😂 the best

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