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Makita generator gas leak repair

a friend asked me to look at this gen set that came with his house a few years ago, he complained about it leaking a bunch of gas in his garage one day, lets see if we can find what caused it.

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47 thoughts on “Makita generator gas leak repair”

  1. Paul Keppler says:

    I think the idiot making the fuel would have filtered it better.

  2. Hunter Adams says:

    Do you have a link to the carb cleaner that you use?

  3. Randy Novick says:

    New camera works just fine.

  4. At 14:07 Why was you using a vise and not your anvil

  5. shawnsutube says:

    That art car at the end is very cool! So detailed and realistic that it almost looks like it could run.

  6. Leesherwood says:

    Looks and sounds good. More videos please. Knowledge is power.

  7. Newtronwest says:

    That knocking in the engine doesn't sound good. But it seemed to run decently, maybe a little hunting going on.

  8. JGO says:

    This video sounds better!

  9. Richard M says:

    Nice makita generator. That your dream rat rod at end of your video

  10. theone2be33 says:

    Mustie MUST build that Ratrod Fullscale!!! I know you could do it too!

  11. theone2be33 says:

    Yes the NEW camera is working just fine! Crystal clear sound and video. I would not have known otherwise. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  12. Cleanest carbs I've ever seen on this channel!

  13. theone2be33 says:

    Generators come with houses now??? Sign Me Up!!!

  14. Video and sound was good

  15. slypig24 says:

    What res is the new camera? Is it 1080 or better?

  16. didn't you get an anvil for reshaping stuff like that?

  17. john pietros says:

    My dewalt generator drips gas if I don’t shut it off. It’s done it from the first time I purchased it. I’ve learned to shut of the gas and let it run till it burns up the gas

  18. No issues with the new camera. Definitely different seeing a almost clean carb. By the way the driveway looks good.

  19. Camera is Great!!
    and so are You!!!!

  20. Andy Ryan says:

    I enjoy watching you video keep the good job up

  21. Video and sound are good

  22. Danny J says:

    Great sound, sharp video…U got a winner!!

  23. m ph says:

    Not to say this in a mean way, but don't your hands always smell like crappy gas?

  24. fillg says:

    My generator was dripping gas one time and before I got a chance to troubleshoot it I realized the gas cap wasn't on all the way. I had turned it until it got tight but should have kept going a little more. It clicks into a notch when you turn it all the way and as soon as I did that the leak stopped. Apparently it can pressurize the tank if it's not turned all the way.

  25. Dan Thiels says:

    either im really going blind or you need to change settings on the subtitles ……. i knew what you were doing from watching all your vids , no real need for them IMHO

  26. fillg says:

    Your lift looked like a Transformer standing up at the beginning.

  27. lutemule says:

    You think the sediment bulb was leaking air?

  28. Safcforme says:

    Doesn't run on gas, it runs on petrol

  29. Camera & sound just fine thanks for sharing πŸ‘πŸ‘

  30. Camera has nice clear audio, and surprising stereo separation. When you were hammering on the air cleaner tin, the sound moved around enough that I thought I had lost a speaker, then you set it down, and the speaker had it right there.

  31. Don Taylor says:

    I have had issues with a similar sediment bowl on a Honda snowblower and generator. They seem to shrink or deform over time and don't seal properly and leak.

  32. homie789 says:

    When I find oil that looks like that i empty the oil and fill it back up with diesel in the oil pan and run it for 10-15 minutes then drain the diesel out and fill with proper engine oil just to get all the small abrasive stuff out of the engine and it usually helps increase the longevity of the engine.

  33. Nice job continuing to dig looking for the true root cause analysis RCA. Sometimes until it reproduces you just really don't know

  34. Video and sound is just fine

  35. tbirdracefan says:

    Did not notice anything about the video quality until you set the carb on the bench. Much more clear then.

  36. Great video. Did you put the white insert back in fuel tank under the cap? The new camera looks great.

  37. hbknhry says:

    Great video, Mustie.

  38. Tom Adkins says:

    Thanks Mustie, as always. Hanging out in the garage with you is always a good time. Thanks for taking the time to video, edit and share your exploits.

  39. Mustie clean carburetor what did spark plug look like was it that clean too?! , Being the tank looked clean could fuel lines be breaking down from the inside of the hose did have a carbon black crusty look to it then changes when in combustion chamber ins up in oil in crank case given the rainbow carbon look in the Earl !!!, Just a thought , then it's probably what you ended up saying all along thanks like the rod at the end real neat who made that lots of detail for sure!!!

  40. Jimmy Wilson says:

    Camera upgrade, lookin good in the neighborhood!!!

  41. Brad Kershaw says:

    No audio or video problems noted. Another great Mustie production.

  42. Ron Ringel says:

    Camera is working A-OK

  43. The Anvil52 says:

    All good with the new camera πŸŽ₯

  44. Matt Stewart says:

    Video & sound quality are good.

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