Watchs SALE All about watches Manly-Man Skills: Outsmart Mechanic Scams by Using Your Car’s Computer!

Manly-Man Skills: Outsmart Mechanic Scams by Using Your Car’s Computer!

This will save you from going to the car dealership when the “check engine” light comes on!
Cars have an easy and convenient way to see what that pesky check engine light is telling you. It’s called an OBD port used to read DTCs. Sounds EXPENSIVE, right? Wrong! In this vid I cut through the technical bullshit and show you a great tool for maintaining and repairing your automobile. Best of all, you don’t even need to get your hands dirty!

If you are a dealership owner or service writer who hates these vids and wants me to stop making them; wink wink nudge nudge:

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21 thoughts on “Manly-Man Skills: Outsmart Mechanic Scams by Using Your Car’s Computer!”

  1. I’ve been driving with an EVAP for a month. Haven’t died yet.

    And 1/10 you need an entire trans. Life sucks.

  2. NZ shooter says:

    Not only North America! New Zealand stealership is worse ! $6000 for a part I got same part for $900 from USA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³ yup we getting πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» here to

  3. way back in the "keep your stick on the ice" days…

  4. my engine light has been on for a decade. LA smog is better but they have become increasingly retarded so wonder if there is an correlation.

  5. bagnome says:

    "I am quite pleased we don't get all the government we actually pay for." LMAO

  6. Paul Booth says:

    I know this is an old video but just FYI in Canada this code could be caused by the weather I.e. Its too cold outside. That or the next thing is thermostat stuck open,which is the way they fail. Of course that's assuming the vehicle hasn't already been manipulated like the fan being rigged to stay on or the thermostat being taken out.

  7. feral kid says:

    One dealership years back got so bad repeatedly jerkin me around, replacing the same fouled plug every 2k mi and sending me away, I left the service counter, slipped in the back service bay door and discretely tipped the diagnostic mechanic a fifty to see it gets fixed right. He declared the head defective and ordered a complete new head, parts and labor 100% covered under the extended warranty I purchased. Problem solved. Best fifty bucks I ever spent.

  8. Is that a grocery getter ford knock off your sporting there ? I can't imagine anyone wanting a b-series tinker toy…….

  9. Sasha Z says:

    I bet your thermostat was stuck open

  10. whorayful says:

    Any red warning light is serious, yellow or amber lights are warnings or cautions.

  11. motard_seb says:

    A good scan tool will be your best friend, so long as you use it properly. I'm not a mechanic. But I am a gearhead and love to work on my trucks, motorcycles etc. No, the scanner will not give you the direct answer to the problem. BUT it will get you started in the right direction. Get the code, and do some good research. A majority of the time, there will be a variety of reasons a particular code may be thrown, and not just one specific reason. Use your research to narrow the cause of the problem. I have never "wasted money on the wrong part" doing this. Learn your vehicle, and take your time.

  12. Grant Rennie says:

    They give you a load of B-s here that they need to hold your car for two days as they need to bring in the "special computer" and it's at their other dealership, then they charge you $150 extra for it on the bill, you can get a Bluetooth reader and app for your phone for $100 or a plug in one like that for $50 or less, they must think we are silly

  13. "completely immoral"
    "take it upon yourself to protect yourself, no one else will do it for you"

    Quite agree, that's why I'm an anarchist and think we do not need governments which merely oppress us.

  14. byteme285 says:

    I don't know what its like in Canada, but in the US all the auto parts stores have the more expensive ones that give way more info than these little code readers and will hook your car up and tell you the problem for free.

  15. Love all your vids…but now days, 7 out of 10 times jist clearing it will not result in it jist going away and never coming back. Yes, many I'm the auto industry are crooks, but not all. But after growing up and now running my portion of a 41 year old international automotive business, there are many honest establishments and technicians out there.

  16. Your thermostat stuck open bro

  17. Pending code doesn't mean the a code that is live. It means a code that has not been verified. Lots of fault codes require multiple instances to be considered a true fault. A code will be pending if it's seen the fault, but hasn't yet reached the required instances to be verified as a true fault. I've had a lot of experience with OBD2 fault codes, sadly, and your statement that 9 out of 10 times it's a nuisance code is upside down. Of all the codes I've seen, the occasion where the code stays off after resetting is very uncommon; 1/10 is optimistic.

  18. Where do i plug the device into my carburator

  19. NoobInaCan says:

    just a tip – you can grab a OBDII bluetooth from amagone and OBD car doctor app for your phone. That will run diag and save results and also you can look at things like your coolant temp and bunch of other cool stuff while you are driving down the road.

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