Watchs SALE All about watches Massa loses WDC/ Ferrari mechanic loses temper

Massa loses WDC/ Ferrari mechanic loses temper

It’s all about losing 🙂

PS: the last seconds are the key

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22 thoughts on “Massa loses WDC/ Ferrari mechanic loses temper”

  1. Mpho 10 says:

    0:13 that guy loses it….

  2. Pablo says:

    Speed 0.25 and press 5.

  3. Però si è fatto passare! breaks window

  4. Jah Army says:

    Glock se ha dejado pasar parece decir en italiano, que gran verdad.

  5. He is an absolute legend! Can't stop laughing since 2008. 😀

  6. We all know massa won the 2008 championship

  7. glock maggot you and hamilton.

  8. fnx333 says:

    Anyone else hear the end of Knights of Cydonia at the beginning?

  9. had to watch this after seeing massa retire today from the Brazilian gp. so close to greatness. yet so far.

  10. Anus says:

    Ferrari are pretty shit really. The most overrated brand on the planet.

  11. Inside Line says:

    ok é impossibile non ridere… glock si é fatto passare… porca puttana!!

  12. JakeTV says:

    Happy retirement Felipe.

  13. Andrea Roll says:

    io sono pure ferrarista, ma quanto ho riso quando ho visto quella scena

  14. That went from zero to FUUUUUCK real quick.

  15. hermankatnip says:

    Italians and their temper. Fucking hilarious watching Ferrari get beat by the English "Garagistes"

  16. ahhahaha, ma sbaglio o è volata una madonna?

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