Watchs SALE All about watches Mechanic: Focus On Decoding! Seer: Let Me Get An Owl First…

Mechanic: Focus On Decoding! Seer: Let Me Get An Owl First…

ww ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

20 thoughts on “Mechanic: Focus On Decoding! Seer: Let Me Get An Owl First…”

  1. Nomulin Dj says:

    Nuu I’m late 😢

  2. JustChills says:

    How do some seers get a red light circling around the owl?

  3. Nice job, it's good to see some seer again.

  4. Hyung Suk says:

    Seer's Christmas skin is the most adorable thing… Yet looks like developers keep finding ways to make Seer the number 1 target for hunters lmao

  5. Gladys Tan says:

    The clown is funny 😊 and Happy new year Civilian~ Love you (•͈⌔•͈⑅)

  6. I think I should buy perfumer or a survivor Who is Container except for forward because I get laggy and when I play him

  7. Not Marisa says:

    I’m glad I found you love your vids💙 hope you have the most greats 2k19 ❤️💓

  8. Amazing video ✨😊😊

  9. civilian新年快乐♥

  10. The problem about seer is the more you use he’s owl the slower you kite the hunter

  11. Mechanic: focus on decoding
    Seer: let me get an owl first
    Hunter: wtf are you both fighting about

  12. the thiccest says:

    Please do the minds eye next I'm a main at her (/#^°^#/)

  13. Musicon You says:

    Lucky Guy : Let me gather an flare guns

    Dancer : Let Me Slow you down with my music *Evil Laugh😈.

    Cowboy : Focus On Decoding !!!! I'm busy stalking the girl that chased by hunter..

  14. Loki Lowkey says:

    I hope a lot of seer users use your persona build…they usually go right and left but actively participate for a rescue (without using their owl). Also…focus on decoding! 😂

  15. KazesT says:

    人格叫超级贪😂😂😂😂😂😂 的确玩屠夫时看到四个搏命又大心脏真的会自闭
    这是四黑吗? 感觉配合得很好

    有了“压好密码机了” “大门开了” 这类的讯息的确是很好 但是我觉得“监管者有挽留”还真的挺没有意义的😂😂 99%的监管都会带啊。我反而还觉得“监管者没挽留了”还比较有用😂😂😂

  16. Sangwoo Yoon says:

    2 days until season reset, how many dices you have stockdd

  17. Sangwoo Yoon says:

    so many dash, is it presence or propeller waste?

  18. This skin of see is incrible! And Nice video

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