Watchs SALE All about watches Mechanic Takes Joyride in Customer’s Car [CAUGHT ON DASHCAM]

Mechanic Takes Joyride in Customer’s Car [CAUGHT ON DASHCAM]

The owner of the car was shocked to see what happened after he dropped it off at the dealership.

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33 thoughts on “Mechanic Takes Joyride in Customer’s Car [CAUGHT ON DASHCAM]”

  1. Get ticket in mail for this shit..

  2. R6-D2 says:

    Make sure the doors are locked before you hand over the keys.

    I always lock the doors on my motorcycle first.

  3. Lord Jock says:

    He might not be in trouble with the law but if it had been my car Id break the cunts fingers then if he wanted he could sue me I dont care . you dont abuse other peoples porperty

  4. alexkg1 says:

    My dad once dropped off his car at an auto body shop to get some major repairs done after someone crashed into our garage. One day he saw his car drive past him going the opposite direction on the other side of town. When he went to pick up his car, it smelled like it was used to haul garbage. Shady businesses.

  5. Burnouts in a civic? Come on.

  6. tmanepic says:

    Lol driving 87mph is not "abusing" the car, seriously? One whiney owner I'll tell you that.

  7. that's why they created valet mode

  8. Ben Lacey says:

    Because it's b*****

  9. F-zero91maru says:

    it's still gonna happen no matter what you do there are

    many ways to jack a vehicle

  10. 0:43 me when I see a cute guy

  11. I’m not sure what they said


  12. Toughnut says:

    I rig the radio in my car to play the worst music as loud as it can be played if the car is driven 200 meters or more away from where I dropped it off.

    Then the car levitates off the ground 100 meters in the air while rotating about the x-axis. By now the guy has fully shit his pants. The car flies back to the dealership and is gently set on the ground.

  13. I’m not worried about it because I drive a hunk of junk.

  14. Grd Lpz says:

    Best thing is don’t Valet the damn thing. Do be lazy and park it your self.

  15. Andy P says:

    that joyride was quite civil. I'll show you how to abuse a car …

  16. carlosb1 says:

    You have to be careful when handing the keys" they say, but it is the dealership!. A person has trust in dealerships because they believe their cars will be taken care off like a baby.

  17. I also had this experience. The mechanic uses my bike for fun until the gas was emptym starting from that day i promised to my self i wong use that workshop anymore

  18. ofthesic0133 says:

    Just own a peice of shit car, problem solved

  19. Why would the dimwit mechanic not be in trouble for his actions?? He deserves to be fired, at least!

  20. Luckily I drive a VW wagon, so I probably don't have to worry about a mechanic taking my car for a joyride. Still considering getting a dash cam, though.

  21. Caligula says:

    come on he just gave it an old style italian tuning job

  22. Han Solo says:

    not facing charges.. wtf law…. its considered joyriding and theft of gas and milage… never leave anything in your car….. tell them there are hidden cameras and mics in the car.. most they can do is refuse to drive it… to park it.. then you know you have someone that wanted to scam u

  23. Car Dealer Employer to south american immigrant: "Do you know how to repair a donkey cart?" "You're hired!"

  24. In the original video the technician does cocaine in the car and a few launches..

  25. fragwits says:

    Now i want to know if that guy that stole the 20 was fired..

  26. Bilal Ahmed says:

    Can’t trust anyone

  27. Damn he almost went back in time

  28. CFITOMAHAWK2 says:

    Buy a minivan, genius !!

  29. MN SHP says:

    abusing? u mean driving it how it was made to be driven and having fun, i get that if they do a burnout then the wheels will be gone but its perfectly fine for a fast and fun ride

  30. Andres Dow says:

    don't they realize that alot of diagnosis involves "hard driving". A bad sensor, or pump, can be detected from rapid acceleration. The owner must be a woman and not understand this. If the guy took the car home, did chores, etc, is one thing, but to drive it and take it to the highway, cmon.

  31. Eric joker says:

    They can just fucking hit the unlock button for the trunk dumb shit. It doesn't matter if they have the other key

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