Watchs SALE All about watches Mechanical Engineering a Good Major?

Mechanical Engineering a Good Major?

HVAC, Energy, oil, manufacturing & moreeeeeee

I finally give a debrief on my own major!

I just finished the 1st draft of my new book: New Grad Job Hacks. I’m working with Mango Media to get this published in stores. Sign up for the preview list to get Chapter 1:


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26 thoughts on “Mechanical Engineering a Good Major?”

  1. Avi Tzagai says:

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge

  2. Can I be a car designer through mechanical engineering

  3. Terry Foster says:

    Is there any engineering degree that combines several engineering degrees.

  4. Terry Foster says:

    What is system engineering?

  5. Terry Foster says:

    Do you know people who have more than one engineering degrees?

  6. Lol you said manufacturing, hvac, and manufacturing again!

  7. Nimco Ali says:

    Can i get university credits in high school as a dual credit course?

  8. you mentioned 3 fields most ppl go into. Manufacturing, hvac, and energy. What about being in research and development companies like who develop new technology like drones, car technology and cell phones, cameras?

  9. Eazy E says:

    What are some specific jobs for mechanical engineering?

  10. Rizky Ryan says:

    how can one be an entrepreneur (work for themselves) in mechanical engineering

  11. naveed islam says:

    Could you make a video on Engineering Science?

  12. I'm not creative at all is it a good degree.

  13. xl JUNKIE lx says:

    Does anyone know how much public speaking(self-presentations) is involved with an engineering job?

  14. what classes should you take in high school if your going for engineering (besides calculus, chemistry, and physics)?

  15. It's makes me smile how he focusses on money, hours, etc. Stuff that really is key

  16. DGFr0sty says:

    what about if your a car enthusiest? I'm not the best in math decent in science and chem, and physics and go for mechanical engineer or automotive tech or diesel tech?

  17. Fabricio says:

    Can you enter the aerospace field with a mechanical engineering degree?

  18. What engineering should I do if I want to build and design bionic prosthetics?

  19. Josh S says:

    So what math would I need to pass in highschool for ME in college?

  20. hey ı realy like your videos ı am asking that as a mechanical engineer if u re good at cad and cfd programs and its theory like being good at autocad solidworks or catia pluss being proficient at using and analysing of ansys can you work like software engineer in terms of work enviroment ( at office etc )

  21. I'm kind of slow is it possible to be an engineer?

  22. GODS CHILD says:

    #ENGINEEREDTRUTH 50,000 – 90,000 is that monthly sir.

  23. Muheet Ejaz says:

    what if you are studying at a "not so prestigious institute", but your performance is say, a hundred percent. would that help you in securing a good job in the future?

  24. shaikh sohel says:

    make a video on MEP engineers..and the job opportunities in MEP field for Mechanical Engineer

  25. Ghost Angel says:

    calculus is like learning the words to a song. you cant learn everything in 1 sitting, you'll forget some things. even if manage to memorize everything in that 1 day youll for get some of it the next day. and if you take a break from your definitely gona forget a equation (a word) or 10. in calc u have to practice everyday even once you feel like youve mastered hit it again. if you take summer breaks u have to hit re check a bit of calc again really drill it in your head for calc2 then 3. next thing you know you get use to it and start knocking out equations effortlessly.

    oh 1 more thing, the song is probably gona be long if we're going to compare to calc and u also have to be perfectly on beat to pass the class. if you have learned a entire song before you can do it with calculs. only difference is u have limited time to learn the song and you have to learn the song lol.

  26. bLAZIN00004 says:

    Watching this video as a recent grad with a BSME [cum laude], while filling out an application for the Piggly Wiggly.

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