Watchs SALE All about watches Mercedes Bristol Sytner mechanic caught abusing customers car on dash cam.

Mercedes Bristol Sytner mechanic caught abusing customers car on dash cam.

Mercedes Bristol Sytner mechanics caught abusing customers car, breaking speed limit 9 times, crossing white line on a red light, breach of service contract, car theft, using traction control and collision assist, nearly hit the car inside the workshop.
This is a New Mercedes E Class AMG Night edition bought New from Sytner Group. In for work that did not require a test drive.

Warning, the video contains language that may offend

47 thoughts on “Mercedes Bristol Sytner mechanic caught abusing customers car on dash cam.”

  1. This is why you check the reputation of a place before you let them do anything

  2. at the end of the video you say maximum RPM again. He drove from 20MPH to 43MPH. You sure wouldn't like me to drive your car to maximum RPM. I would take it up to redline each shift.

  3. what do you mean maximum RPM? sounded like 3 grand to me. this car redlines at 7000 RPM.
    when he first backed up in the garage you said he was against the wall then he goes to take off and backs up another foot and a half and he still didn't hit the wall. I think you are lying about the whole thing.

  4. Alan Hayward says:

    This shit happens way to often!

  5. B D says:

    Thank you David for posting this. Hope MB HQ in Germany and their main HQ in the U.K take a proper look into this not happening again.

  6. jnmklo9 says:

    Mercedes then bullied this guy and banned him from getting his car serviced anywhere.

  7. Not only that​ but if you listen, he was on the phone too….

  8. A YL says:

    Pity David Argust doesn't seem to reply to any comments/questions…. would be interesting to know more even if he doesn't want to reveal the fine details….
    A great vid and message non the less.

  9. Micky says:

    So when was he sacked?

  10. Anyone know what make this dash cam is and where I could get one?

  11. tony budz says:

    1500 cash for that, should have taken it.

  12. Brett Keepin says:

    Fuck me. Can't understand why these twats didn't notice the dash cam, mine comes on automatically when engine turns on.

  13. I would refuse those peanuts too. Ask them how much bad publicity will cost them and tell them to come up with a decent offer .

  14. Ascanius says:

    Thus reflects how much respect there lies with most ppl today

  15. This is a good example of big company's not giving a shit about customers or customer service..

  16. Dunnoahhha says:

    So stupid they didn’t notice the dash cam.

  17. Anuskasv0 says:

    Stealerships are the worst.

  18. Bake been says:

    After working in the trade for 20 years, I would never take your car to a main dealer., I find they have an arrogance many would find distasteful. and all they know how to do is change parts.
    If you have to use them, and if possible just take the part in and tell them what you want them to do,ask what the price is and then walk out and let someone else fit it to your car. otherwise go to an independent. I don't ever rate their own parts, The only good part they do is Seals like cam shaft seal for example. Luckily they cost a few bucks more, So no big deal.

  19. Roy Bixby says:

    My dealers' service guy took my car to the supermarket for what appears a weekly shopping then uses my car to jump start what looks like his own car before transferring the shopping. and worst of all – he forgot the service. thank you dash cam…

  20. charlietow says:

    Who cares if he's speeding? If he gets pulled over, he gets cited, not the owner. I've gotten tickets speeding in customer's cars more than once.

  21. Who pays for the 4m dealership?  Donkeys who buy new cars.

  22. Nikki 2017 says:

    I'm an American muscle kinda girl and I love sports. I'm sharing these two facts as they are important in my situation. Although I've now switched to Chevy Camaros in 2013 I had a white SRT Dodge Challenger. My car was hit at Bank of America. I had a collision center in Augusta Ga to do the repairs. Being that there was not alot of damage the repairs shouldn't have taken any more than 3 days 4 at the most. It was 2wks before I got my baby back. What was weird was that all the parts had been pre ordered at the time of the consultation/estimate which was before the car was officially given to the collision center to begin repairs. During the 2wk span I was getting calls asking who is this dude driving your car. I was like it can't be mine as it's in the shop getting repairs. On a Thursday night day 10 my Best friends husband called and said yo sis who is this clown getting out your whip downtown at the sports bar? I asked how can you be sure it's mine? Because your white challenger is the only one in Augusta that's Brite white with Falcons magnets, flags, and side view falcons mirror sleeves. My family and I rushed downtown and To my surprise the lead mechanic was really driving my damn car!!!!!! I almost BLEW A GASKET! Apparently after the owners would close the shop he'd go back and get it at night and cruise the city Since he was the Lead mechanic he had shop keys, and alarm codes. I was freaking furious to say the least. Needless to say my repairs were free after that and the so called master mechanic was terminated. I WILL NEVERRRRRRRR TRUST MECHANICS TO DO WHAT THEIR SUPPOSE TO DO WITHOUT STAYING ON THEM THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS AND THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN GET ME TO DROP MY CAR OFF IS IF I'VE BEEN IN AN ACCIDENT. IF ITS REGULAR MAINTENANCE I'LL WAIT!

  23. Chrispy B says:


  24. J T says:

    I'm an ex dealer mechanic, no way I would have taken my vehicle for servicing after what I have seen what went on in some of the dealer service centers I was employed. It's the way the system is set up, no one really gives a shit. Starting from the service adviser all the way to the time you collect your vehicle. To many within the system, it's just another car. I think part of the situation is , it's a low paying job, the companies dont really treat their employees with respect, then on top of that , every day your faced with continual product problems & pisseed off customers. It eventually gets to the employees, they either don't do their job properly or end up leaving. There's a high turn over of staff in the service departments. My advice , read reviews, do your research before you take your vehicle to a particular service center, but even then there's no guarantee for a good out come for you the customer.

  25. ΛDΛM says:

    Did they get sacked?

  26. Jim Kirk says:

    All kidding aside there dicks. Or what u might call wainkers

  27. Martin Lynch says:

    Personally I would have taken the £1500 cash and still had a free service. Yes I would have shown the dealer principal the footage but your car wasn't damaged in anyway and I presume given back to you in the same condition. He could have given the car more care I agree but I have seen far far worse. It is your choice of course and I respect that but if buyers think they send a 75 year old to test drive their car think again….

  28. Spoonzaza says:

    You actually gave permission when you signed the dotted line…

  29. Gypsy Malone says:

    This is outrageous. You would think these mechanics get proper training. Shame on you sytner

  30. tsifty1 says:

    Hmmmm another Mercedes dealership abusing customers. Must be a German thing…

  31. Alan Daniel says:

    Another gutter rat,fire the rat

  32. Doug Quaid says:

    Vines in Guildford put almost 80 miles on my 6 series and could not give me a straight answer, never again, most of these guys are tossers, brothers mate worked at Bradshaw Webb merecdes dealer and would often come around with customers expensive cars to thrash the nuts off them, not impressed!

  33. Gordon Bird says:

    That mechanis will have grased knuckles where he drags them on the ground! He,s such a fucking moron !

  34. scott smith says:

    Throat beard always does crazy stuff

  35. Wilson Myles says:

    I hate these stupid fucks who have no appreciation for other peoples property.

  36. Kuti says:

    Id beat the fk out if i see someone do that to my car… jk i only got a bike

  37. ToyotaFord 2 says:

    Crazy ass motherfuckers what the hell is wrong with them.

  38. Did you turn it in to the manager? I recently had the same thing happen to me!

  39. Marie Joy says:

    If you refused the money, did you get a lawyer? Go to the police?

  40. LockLaner 7 says:

    That mechanic should be fired. I have a slk 350 won't be taken it to main dealership if that's what they do with your car. The vidio has been forwarded on to Mercades UK.

  41. Azureecosse says:

    What did the dealership say about this? when you refused the £1500, this would have been great evidence in a legal case, I hope you took legal action and made Sytner suffer.

  42. Clock Master says:

    My old '52 plate BMW has 220k on the clock, and I wouldn't dream of ragging it around like that myself, let alone find out someone else did without my permission. What was the outcome btw?

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