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Meridian Watches Made In England

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Meridian watches are made in England and debuted at the 2012 SalonQP watch show in London. Here the brand presents the new collection to aBlogtoWatch contributor Adi soon at the SalonQP event.

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14 thoughts on “Meridian Watches Made In England”

  1. tolis vasco says:

    There is another British company called Meridian (audio equipment). Hope they will have no issues with the name and wish them all the best.

  2. mark says:

    Great to see UK manufactured but the watch styling is a little dull with no real distinction against anything else. As a watch collector I like brands that are instantly recognisable. Also, personally I would always prefer an automatic movement on an 'everyday watch'. As a UK manufacturer (of clothing) myself it's always great to see new UK manufacturers. Good luck!

  3. they're not bad looking….but nearly 5k for one of these uninspired pieces is unjustified.

  4. Dave Smith says:

    Love to have that first white face model.

  5. ayaz ahmed says:

    I like the new intro

  6. Have to start some where and I'd say this is a very promising start! Look at where RGM is today, this guy is looking like he's on the same path. Best of luck to him! I'd love one of his watches.

  7. jjlwis says:

    looks pretty cool! and yes the movement display is quite neat!

  8. Conish22 says:

    I just want those movement cases on my desk! So cool!

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