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Mitochondrial Damage Repair – Reverse Mitochondrial Damage

Mitochondrial Damage Repair and R
everse Mitochondrial Damage: GEt new mitochondria.

Link to Ultra Accel ll for mitochondrial biogenesis: You can make or generate new mitochondria.

Mitochondrial damage repair is now possible along with the ability to reverse mitochondral damage through the use of a newly discovered plant nutrient called PQQ.

Dr. Al Sears, renowned anti-aging physician, has developed a natural supplement that uses the industry’s best PQQ & CoQ10-H2.

This natural supplement is called Ultra Accel ll which is a second generation supplement with added special vitamins and the Immortality Vine.

When it comes to cellular energy production, after the age of 40, our bodies do not make enough CoQ10. However, the best form of CoQ10 is now CoQ10-H2 which is 8x more powerful than the old CoQ10.

CoQ10 does not bring about mitochondrial damage repair.That takes the addition of PQQ.

PQQ is a natural plant based nutrient that is able to reverse mitochondrial damage in addition to generating new mitochondria.

We cannot begin to get enough PQQ in our diets. Ultra Accel ll has the PQQ which is generations ahead when it comes to mitochondrial damage repair and reversing mitochondrial damage. Take a look at the video for more.

At the start of this description is a link to Ultra Accel ll.
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This is the latest best information on mitochondrial damage repair and how to reverse mitochondrial damage.

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20 thoughts on “Mitochondrial Damage Repair – Reverse Mitochondrial Damage”

  1. Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about "pqq mitochondria" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Miyason Mitochondria Masker – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my neighbour got excellent results with it.

  2. Anarchon says:

    The cash grabbing jews are at it again, commercialising health, boost your mitochondria by switching to high fat low carb diet, inhibit histone acaetelation and start expressing the FOXO3 gene to protect against stressors in the body especially the brain. Keto diet has been used in mice with their backs broke, certain strains that deteriorate mentally have been completely reversed using keto.

    Epigenetics is the way of the future and it can be triggered using natural means ie FOOD. Some researchers take beta hydroxybutyrate and see its mTOR inhibiting pathway and try for 10 years to synthesize it so they can sell it as a drug, but I rather go through the pathways built into the body than take shortcuts, who knows what exogenous BHB does in the long term? If the body needs a chain of events to produce BHB in large quantities what makes people think they can shortcut the process and have exactly the same effect? Granted studies have shown the effects to be pretty much the same as endogenous BHB, but those are short term, also exogenous BHB doesn't stay in the blood for very long, that's why endogenous BHB is better in the long term, more maintainable. Who is going to pay out of their ass for something they can trigger naturally?

    You cannot look at a downstream effect and then cut out everything in between, everything in the body works together.

  3. vimal kirti says:

    jack kruse – gaze at sunrise for mitochondria

  4. I have seen proof of mitochondria biogenesis using MCTs (medium chain tryclicerides) can you please list the studied on PQQ please

  5. nIMrOD888 says:

    What are your thoughts on MitoQ? It is marketed as the only form of CoQ10 that can penetrate the double membrane of the mitochondria.

  6. Terry Mair says:

    So a quick question, if mitochondria is in our cells, and our body replaces cells constantly aren’t we gaining new mitochondria at the same time?

  7. Repeating the same simple information over and over.I wonder if you forgot to take this supplement yourself.

  8. Gary Day says:

    Please. Please there are thousands upon thousands of people with bad anhedonia from antipsychotic meds. Bad. Seriously, many people suffer. I can't put into words cause I can't connect right with the rest of the world. Because my brain doesn't work right anymore…. So I could help myself and others. But please, if there's anything u can do. Please!!

  9. Gary Day says:

    What about the receptors. How do I unblock them from medication that has blocked up my receptor sites

  10. Lis Engel says:

    For me it sounds very irritating only to tell about a supplement if you dont know from what natural ingredients it comes so that you give everybody a little better chance of judging for themselves what this is about – and as many know it is also very important to keep your body and brain moving, curious and playing and to go out in Nature and natural light – happy september walking and dancing in Nature for everybody

  11. munsterfloyd says:

    Look up LLT. Low level laser therapy. Mitochondria are boosted by certain light more than food.

  12. Another FKN PITCH MAN "BEWARE"

  13. innerlocus says:

    Obviously this video was written by a sufferer of dementia.

  14. Infomercial for "ultra accel ii"

  15. Another Supplement- what about FOOD?

  16. Ophelia 777 says:

    the link does not work?

  17. Molecular hydrogen will repair are sick world go to:

  18. Scottlp2 says:

    I will say that adding gynostemma (which increases AMPK) to co q-0 and PQQ strikes me as a very good idea.

  19. Scottlp2 says:

    co q-10-h2 is just ubiquinol (vs ubiquinone).

  20. I am suffering from Fluoroquinolone Toxicity. Can you direct me to a plant based, vegan diet protocol?

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