Watchs SALE All about watches Mitsubishi alternator repair / brush change. Fits Pajero, Kia,Pegeot and many more.

Mitsubishi alternator repair / brush change. Fits Pajero, Kia,Pegeot and many more.

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Hello guys,
In this Video i ame showing you how to solve a common problem with a mitsubishi alternator, ie: change the brushes.
You can buy the brushes here:

There isint going to be part two because there is so many diffrent rectifiers and regulators for diffrent applications that it would be impossible to stock’em.

I hope you guys liked the video and you will benefit from it.

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41 thoughts on “Mitsubishi alternator repair / brush change. Fits Pajero, Kia,Pegeot and many more.”

  1. Jairo LaMa says:

    Excelente vídeo saludos repare mi alternador 🇲🇽

  2. Thank you man god video

  3. The trick to push the brushes for reassembly saved my day 🙂 Thanks !

  4. Sou fan desse cara asisto todos os vídeos dele,não preciso nem saber inglês só de ve entendo tudo e aprendo 👏👏👏

  5. Ahmed Haggag says:

    Hey Stop Killing the housing and use appropriate iron solder For God Sake

  6. TheStroiDom says:

    Спасибо за подсказки при сборке.

  7. best of the best tutorial ever on alternator,thanks

  8. Dan says:

    This video is awesome thanks helped me loads thanks

  9. Tanks nice jops i like it

  10. give me please number of brushes by cataloge

  11. AS28g says:

    I couldn't agree more with Mr. Heineken, Use a bigger F*@ing soldering Iron. Lol. And you do this for a living. I would not be bringing my alternator to repair by you. The advise is good but that Iron…hahahaha.

  12. wait what – my brushes have no holes…

  13. thx..:)) i have espace renault 2.0dci this alternator 210A mitshubishi

  14. I still tapping mine to get it open urgh

  15. Sterlyn Ali says:

    Good video .how to check the rectifier on this alternator. Also how to check the volt regulator. Thanks

  16. Abri H says:

    video was great . thanks great job…

  17. a says:

    What if you're just replacing the voltage regulator? How do you remove the whole thing? instead of just the brushes?

  18. Excellent video well done and thankyou for the step by step guide

  19. Kwesiga Alex says:

    Good and important video!

  20. Good video, well done

  21. Dú Chaves says:

    tem que ter tradução para portugues , mas legal

  22. javid sd says:

    Very nicely don bet your solder iron very big use smaller one

  23. Dwhylan C says:

    Thanks, perfect for an Australian Triton 2007 3.5L petrol. Mine were half worn at ~150,000klm

  24. brun says:

    Thx for the video!

  25. Ross Warren says:

    Excellent how to. Thumbs up!!!

  26. Thank you, great video!

  27. Chris Meyer says:

    Love your Vids , keep up the good work mate!

  28. LOved your video. Haven't done one of these since I was a kid, but just replaced my sons alternator with a new one and thought I'd rebuild the old one just for the fun of it. Thanks ……


  30. Very nicely done, thanks. One thing though, you need a smaller soldering iron… really.

  31. Спасибо Тебе из Казахстана!!!! Ооооооочень помог!!!

  32. Thanks for the awesome Vid, It helped me out

  33. Thankyou kindly for your post on this.

  34. can you show mow to replace the regulator for it ?

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